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February 17 2014

8 mind-blowing connections between the works of Joss Whedon. The Cracked team put forward their cunning conspiracy theory of how the Whedonverse is all linked.

Missing a few important facts, but entertaining nonetheless.
The conspiracy theory is clever and funny. I like it, even though it stretches things. Kind of the point of a conspiracy theory. But also, Joss does like the idea of Authoritarian Organizations meddling in people's lives, mostly with bad consequences even if intentions are noble, but always leading to awesome entertainment. That's my opinion anyway.
Alber, that's why I'm so convinced Agents of SHIELD is going to get us to interesting places eventually - SHIELD exactly the sort of organization to be cast as the villains in virtually everything else Joss has done.
@Boto: Those missing facts were probably deliberate.
The "After Hours" videos are a parody of overly obsessed genre geeks.
Two of the primary jokes are:
(1) someone trying to fake being a knowledgable fan and blowing it
(2) using an obscure detail to invalidate someone's favorite idea, right before suggesting an even more insane pet theory. (Which only works by a massive amount of cherry-picking the facts.)
Well, definitely all his works share the same DNA. I wonder if Joss could have told a compelling story about the Alliance instead of the crew of the Serenity. Thatís what Iím hoping in AoS, that once S.H.I.E.L.D. is revealed as a corrupt organization.... As River said: 'People don't like to be meddled with'.
Well now, some people have been reading a lot of crossover fan fiction.

+5 for the ice planet action...
Despite it being a joke, flashes of it made surprising amounts of sense. Especially the CitW existing in the Buffyverse. Specifically, the government organization in CitW seems like it could quite believably be a branch of the Initiative.

Also, I could see the world of Dollhouse eventually transitioning into the world of Firefly. But I can't see Dollhouse/Firefly coexisting with a world with supernatural elements.
After the world blew up, the supernatural elements blew up too. Except the psychic ones.
But what about Sugarshock...

edit: Also, Fray. You have to disregard an entire medium to make this theory work :D

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I remember being disappointed when Joss threw cold water on the idea of River being a Slayer.
I love After Hours and I love the Whedonverse, so this was one of my favorite internet videos in a while.
You'd have to do a separate one for comic books.
Re: S.H.I.E.L.D. becoming more Rossum/Wolfram & Hart-esque...

I have the impression from the "Winter Soldier" trailers that S.H.I.E.L.D. is starting to be depicted as a more sinister organization, so this would fit with it happening on AoS this spring for the finale.

Others probably know more about "Winter Soldier" specifics. I'm just going by the trailers.
Well, that all seems entirely reasonable. It also perfectly explains the deterioration of one of their characters... It's HeadCanon now.

I do love After Hours.
Interesting...but I think they're a bunch of wimps for not even attempting to integrate Much Ado into the theory. To start: Joss obviously is the reincarnation of Shakespeare, about whom there are multiple conspiracy theories, and who obviously was a member of the Illuminati; all (OK, most) of Shakespeare's plays are about people trying to negotiate their way, without completely losing their intergrity, through the violent world that surrounds them; the friars that somehow coax people to "fake" death (sometimes a bit too successfully) are forerunners of the watchers; and then there's Beatrice/Buffy. Need I say more?
Much Ado is the Whedonverse afterlife.

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