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February 18 2014

Firefly After Show episode 1. John Campea of AMC Movie Talk hosts a new after show that will cover the whole series.

He also does after shows for Arrow and Sleepy Hollow.

They will be doing a Serenity episode as well after they finish the series.

That was fun. It's always nice to see the reaction of newbies when they're exposed to the 'Verse for the first time. I look forward to seeing the rest of this series. It might be a good idea for them to include spoiler warnings, though, since there will be newbies following this I'm sure.

I think Mr. Campea was a little off on his opinions re the War, though. The important thing to draw from the war is Mal's beliefs during the Battle scenes versus his later actions and apparent beliefs. He lost a lot in the war and that's what matters most in the Pilot, and the rest of the Series. The crew and their adventures help Mal recover some of his faith in humanity, IMO.

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