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February 18 2014

In the Name of the Moon, She is the Slayer: The Sailor Moon/Buffy connection. An enjoyable article over at Den of Geek.

Having watched Sailor Moon in my youth is one of the things that made me open-minded enough to watch Buffy as a young adult. I still love both shows very much.
That brings back memories! I like to think of my childhood Sailor Moon craze as a sort of warm-up that prepared the way for later full-on Buffy obsession!
Not to mention that both shows also killed their protagonists in their first seasons, fight evil boyfriend plotline, and strong gay characters.
Interesting, but my first thought is, "Buffy's father isn't named Ken!"
I wish people would stop using that particular picture as an iconic image of Buffy. It's the one from Faith's nightmare where Buffy is chasing Faith into her grave, using the bloodstained knife that the Mayor had originally given Faith. The expression on Buffy's face is that of a killing monster, which may be the way Faith legitimately feels about her, but doesn't really reflect the Buffy portrayed throughout the rest of the series.
Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls, and Buffy. Those were an era.
You know, years ago, I was watching Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network. Now this is after season two of Buffy had ended, and I came to the Darrin/Mamarou getting brainwashsed and becoming evil arc. My first thought was, "Wow, this is like a kid's version of the Angelus story line."

Also "but the only real difference between the two is that one of them is the empty shadow of a man who can never be truly compatible with the woman he loves, and the other one’s a vampire." - Ouch. I'm currently reading the Sailor Moon manga and Tuxedo Mask has a personality there. Still, funny though.
For anyone who has only watched the English dub of Sailor Moon, please check out the Japanese version (with subtitles if needed). It's a much different version of the show aimed more at teens than kids. The connections between Sailor Moon and Buffy are much more apparent in the original, unedited Japanese version.

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