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February 18 2014

Marvel announces that Avengers: Age of Ultron will film in South Korea. Joss and co are going all over the world.

My wife is in Joberg right now and the Avengers shoot has pretty much shut down every transportation root. Lucky for me she loves the Avengers or she would be crankier.
That's awesome. I wish the Avengers were screwing up my commute. I'd be so totally cool with it.
Wow, he's really going to be jet lagged. Do they have their own plane for all this stuff?
Yeah, it's called "The Bus." It's been on some TV show about some guy named "Agent" something, I forgot his last name.
Not that the first Avengers didn't look great, but man...we are obviously not going to be seeing New Mexico and Cleveland subbing for locations this time around.

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