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February 18 2014

(SPOILER) Preview of Buffy Season 10 #1. This is written by Christos Gage with art by Rebekah Isaacs and it'll be out on March 19th.

Excited for the new season. Really hope Giles meeting up with the Scoobies doesn't happen off screen, or is that off page...
Saw these a couple of weeks ago.The season looks to have a promising start.
AAAHHG it's finally happening! That last cover is the tits. Really looking forward to Buffy meeting teen Giles for the first time.
I can't wait for the new season! I'm so glad Christos and Rebekah are doing Buffy now, they killed it on Angel and Faith last season. I really conceptually love that first cover, and the second one is bad ass.
I really missed a good picture of the original trio there (plus Gilly Boy now); loved last season, but they were too separated and i missed Xander as hell.
Oh hey, it's daylight vampire girl. She of the stripey leggings.
I like Rebekah's style a lot.
Man, so much story I have yet to read. I love the artwork. Especially the one with Buffy in a classroom full of vampires.
I can't wait to read season 10!
I was excited for season 8. I was hopeful for season 9. I am cynical for season 10. This time I am ready for disappointment so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Wait, that's hope isn't it. Sigh.
Loved big parts of season 8, the inexplicably rushed finale and lack of clear exposition aside, and while I was very let-down by season 9, I loved most of the Angel & Faith title. So I figure, another season, another chance to get it right. Worst that can happen is that it's no better than season 9, and my expectations are lower now since Joss' low degree of personal involvement is clear and expected up front. :) I'd rather have watered-down Joss-sanctioned sometimes-good Buffy than no Buffy at all in any case.

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