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February 20 2014

Is Faith a hero or villain? HitFix aren't sure which bracket to put her in for their Greatest Heroes vs Greatest Villain poll.

she is a bad ass hero that was broken and now is on the journey of fixture!
Both. Same as Spike I'd think. They grew as characters and added white to their black hat. Still badass through.
She was a villain but redeemed herself and became a hero at the end.
Schrödinger's Slayer.
I love that she's neither - as iconic a character as she is, she's also still human enough to avoid being tagged either way. She's performed both heroic and villainous deeds, but they all came from a very human and relatable place.
She's Faith. No brackets.
She's an anti-hero and a foil to Buffy.
We were at PetSmart a couple of weeks ago, and there was a cat up for adoption named Faith Lehane. I asked whether she lived up to her name, but didn't really get an answer to that. She was pretty much an aloof cat, wanting to deal with people only on her own terms.

Her sister Buffy got adopted right away. Faith has been waiting for a while.
"She's Faith. No brackets.
Sunfire | February 20, 18:11 CET"

She's the "Redemption Arc". It's quite popular in television. See Once Upon a Time, Homeland, to some extent Breaking Bad, Angel, etc, etc. For my money, Whedon has probably done them better than anyone. Faith and Angel are THE redemption stories in my eyes. Even Wesley's long arc was something of a redemption story, beginning with him almost destroying Faith's chance at redemption and losing the respect of most of the Scooby squad

Actually, libradude's response is the one I agree with the most from what I've seen here. She is Buffy's foil, and like most anti-heros she has a dark past. What I like about Faith is that, when she was evil she reminded me a lot of Callisto from Xena. Callisto was Xena's dark reflection and Faith was Buffy's dark reflection. Faith doesn't fit that role anymore, but she still is a mirror of Buffy in a lot of ways while also being her complete opposite in others. It's fun to compare and contrast the two. The writers seem to love intertwining their fates. Faith has at one point or another done everything Buffy has done, which causes friction between them. She's had Giles as a mentor/father figure. She's bonded with Angel(in ways even Buffy hasn't). She's saved the world(with help). She's been leader of the Scoobies (season 7). She's even slept with Riley LOL

If I had to pick hero or villain I'd say hero just because I think Faith has accomplished a lot more in that role
I agree with Mirage too. There are definite parallels to Spike. Spike is just as much Angel's foil as Faith is Buffy's
It really depends at when in Faith's life you're talking about, I'd say season 3 she's for sure a villain, same with her Buffy appearance, but I'd say once you hit her Angel appearances you can't really call her a villain anymore from then on.
She's a person.
She is a hero, if only for her fight to leave the darkness that stained her soul behind.
She's human with all our flaws and desires.

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