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February 20 2014

Which Joss Whedon heroine are you? Kaylee, apparently.

Another Penny here.

I love that a pen was one of the weapons - reminds me of the scene in Knight's Tale when Chaucer promises to make Peter the Pardoner and Simon the Summoner "naked for eternity."
I'm Inara... I wanted to be Willow :(
Originally Kaylee, but got Penny the second time. Laundry day, see you there.
I'm Buffy, *blush* what an honor. :-)
So I'm Penny. Did not see that coming. I so don't sing all day.
Zoe :) Happy with that!
I got Kaylee. Hurray!
I got Willow !I'm the coolest of the dorks !
i'm kaylee hmm but yah!
Inara? Really? But I'm a "jeans girl"!
Penny as well. That Friday laundry date was so true.

So Joss would kill the lot of us - in a fictional setting?
Faith. Must have been the black dress and sword.
Inara. While I wouldn't consider myself as spiffy as she is, I think otherwise she kind of fits.
Penny. Except for that Y chromosome.
Cordelia. I'm gonna be so bored ascending to Higher Beingness...
Cordelia. I have to call everyone I've ever met right now.
Zoe again. Yay!
Kaylee, I'll take it! People do usually underestimate me :P
Penny, and then River.
Penny. Dying by shrapnel to the chest I get, and maybe some of that other stuff, but "soft-spoken"? Oh, I don't think so.
Inara. I didn't expect that but, leaving out the "companion" thing (and the "raving beauty" thing), it totally makes sense.
So Joss would kill the lot of us - in a fictional setting?

Not me - quite the other way 'round, in fact...

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Inara *shrug* Not that'd I turn down *any* Whedon Heroine, but I thought I was more of a FredÖ or a Kaylee
Willow. I'm in love with myself.
Inara... But I think it's because I like tea.

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Inara. I was sure I'd be Willow.
Penny! Was hoping to be one of the super gals, but oh well! :)
I'm Faith and I'm not sure why.
Zoe. I'll definitely take it.
River Tam. Not at all surprised by that. Rather pleased. :)
I lol'd at all of the ridiculous answers that would probably lead to River.
Zoe! I do not feel remotely brave enough to be her, but I'll just take it as a compliment. I'm not sure why I got her. Because I chose a gun as a weapon?
Inara. Flattered, but don't think that's true haha.
Tried twice (just for fun, not because I was unhappy with my first result!), got Cordelia and then Kaylee. A good combination methinks.
Queen C - Cordelia, pretty accurate if I say so myself.
Inara Serra. I can dig it.
Hmmm. There seems to be very little Faith on this board. So I was surprized when I got her. I don't feel the least bit Faithy.
River. I can see it, as I am known for my extreme reaction to the Fruity Oaty Bar jingle.
I question this quiz because I got Buffy. My weapon of choice is a pen. I changed one answer and got Penny, which makes way more sense. (Still, Buffy...)
I got Faith. Five by five.
Willow. This is the "who are you" quiz I was most excited to see, and the result I most agree with. And it says something that going into the quiz I wasn't aiming for any one character (I love them all) but seeing my result I knew that was the best one all along.
ZoŽ. And I am more than fine with that.
I got ZoŽ. Really thought I'd get Willow, but I'll take it. The description was pretty spot-on.
Absolutely not at all surprised to get River (yay!)
Penny...huh. Can't disagree though :D
Kaylee. Makes sense.
Willow! Yep... I can definitely see myself as an early Willow... Pre-Dark-Willow ;)
I'm Willow,Yay!
So many Pennies, I'm rich!

But I'm also Penny.
I did it again, choosing entirely different answers. I'm still Penny.
It's both weird and totally logical that I ended up with River. Heh.
Despite my Tara-like personality, I got Zoe.
Joss got Inara! LOL his Tweets:

Joss Whedon ‏@josswhedon Feb 22
So I took the "which heroine are you" quiz. Ö
I got Inara. Discuss.

Joss Whedon ‏@josswhedon Feb 22
Bit offended by ppl saying I got Inara on the heroine quiz cuz I'm "secretly in love with @NathanFillion."

Clearly he got Inara because he loves Serenity & everyone in it, but still needs his own space.

I got Inara too.
I got Faith.

LOVE Joss' tweets!

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