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February 21 2014

Nick Brendon talks about writing for Buffy Season 10. "It was neat to just be among all those great writers - Joss included - and see this thing come into being. It's really cool."

Very interesting interview.There is also a new piece of art included I believe.
Lovely cover included there. Great interview, too. Bring on Season 10!
Trying to reserve judgement until I actually see it, but I can't say this interview makes me feel any more positive about the idea of Nick Brendon writing the Buffy comic. More immaturity and talking about boobs... that's not what I've been missing. You've already got a good writer there with Christos and hopefully he can keep the ship pointed in the right direction, but ... just don't know why you'd mess with a good thing.
Yeah, with all respect to Nick, I'm still not sure why he's involved with this.
To be fair, kid-Giles staring at boobs was introduced in Season 9. I'm not a fan of that development myself, but it wasn't Nick Brendon's idea to make Giles act immature. I've never read anything he's written before so I'm willing to wait and judge the writing on its own merits.
It's super dope how the team that made Angel and Faith awesome get to be put on a book with near constant outside interference.
I don't see the point in bringing all of the previous actors in to write the comics. They seem to be unaware of their comic-self's story and progress, and I feel that they are all pitching ideas they had when they were filming Buffy, which won't mesh well with the current characters. Still trying to stay positive, but maybe I should lower my expectations. :(

I hope they don't make Giles too immature, after all he still has his adult mind. Boob staring at Buffy, Faith, Willow or Dawn will be just outright creepy.
I am willing to give Nick Brendon some rope in a matter like this...he has 7 years of being the character (admittedly with the words coming from other sources) and there's enough oversight to ensure that things don't go completely off the rails. Plus, I can't see DH not allowing Nick to look over the S8 & S9 comics to gain familiarity with where Xander is emotionally.

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