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February 22 2014

(SPOILER) Promo pics of Sean Maher in 'Arrow'. We haven't seen the end of his character, Mark Scheffer/Shrapnel.

AU pic of the Firefly Season 6 cast.
Does this mean I can still hope Sean and Summer run into each other at some point?
AU pic of the Firefly Season 6 cast.

I like the way you think.
That would be awesome.
I have not seen all episodes of Arrow. But my favorite Whedonverse appearance in that show is JA Richards, as a meticulous and emotionless assassin. Sadly, he was killed off in one episode, and the show has not kept my attention, so I've missed Sean Maher's appearance.
The guest and recurring talent this series pulls in is almost enough to convince me to give it a chance. I've seen two of the hot male leads in shows I've liked too (Amel in the third and final season of Hung as the competing prostitute/escort to Thomas Jane's lead, and Coulton Haynes in the short-lived Look). It's better than Smallville, though, right ?
Squishy, I haven't seen his appearance myself but I flipped through several reviews and the consensus is pretty much he was shamefully underused. Well, at least he has more to do now?

I myself struggle to hold interest in it, even though Amel is adorable to look at and Summer is recurring. Maybe I'll give it an honest chance this time? Mostly because I'm under the impression that Amel has a problem keeping a shirt on in this show.
It's a pretty good show. It's tightly paced and knows exactly what it's doing. The characters are well-developed. Especially important is that the female characters have agency unrelated to the men in their lives. There's also a strong parental dynamic between Detective Lance and Laurel. The show does a good job with balancing the present and the past. It shows you events in two timelines and one helps to inform you of the overarching plot in the present. The supporting cast (mostly the family members) is decent, though somewhat underutilized at points, but you do care about their well being because the main characters do.

ETA: I say "pretty good" because it does get a little melodramatic at points and IMO, slightly bogged down with the Oliver/Laurel relationship but the show has worked on that and overall, it's improved a lot over season 1, and I liked season 1 a lot.

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I have to say I've been very disappointed in the second season of Arrow. It seems that it has lost its focus. Diggle and Felicity are now severly underused, Oliver's flashbacks don't seem to lead anywhere, and this season's villain is much less scary than Merlin and last year's "undertaking".

I'm glad they're bringing Sean back, but maybe they could stop introducing dozens of characters, and focus on a single story per season?
It does stray a little too far into the soapy melodrama from time to time (which is to say, a lot less than most every other CW show ever created) but the big thing that pulled me in twelve minutes into the first episode and has continued to keep me hooked ever since is how fantastic of a job Stephen Amell does in coming across as someone who would be capable in real life of accomplishing all the physical feats (as well as weathering the incumbent emotional and physical stresses) that being a masked vigilante would actually entail.

That, and the fact that it is a tv show about a Byronic superhero - which is just plain cool.

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The word "Byronic" is criminally underused.

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