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February 23 2014

First look at Agent Triplett in the upcoming episode "T.A.H.I.T.I.". He'll appear on the March 4th episode.

Unnecessary acronyms is going to become a theme for titles, isn't it?
I was just going to comment something similair
Is this show still dreadful? I gave up around episode 5.
"Still" dreadful? I don't remember this show ever being dreadful. That said, at this point in time, it's not even close to that, it's great. Especially most of the newer episodes.

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My friend and I both admitted that if it weren't for Fitz/Simmons, we would probably stop watching. It's a fun, breezy, watchable show, but not necessary viewing. I really like those two characters though.
Are there going to be any "permanent" new faces in the team, or are we just rolling through new agents every week? Anybody know?
Unless T.A.H.I.T.I. turns out to actually stand for something, I'm rebelling and leaving out the periods. I'm gonna type FZZT, TRACKS, and TAHITI, and I'm gonna feel good about myself for doing so.
Triplett? I only see one of him.
Haha. Maybe there are two other Tripletts out there. But, seriously, the episode is named Tahiti without the periods on IMDB, as well is FZZT. So, is somebody messing around on the scripts, writing some up with periods and some without, just for the fun of it? Probably just sloppiness. Where is Detective McNulty. I have to report a Series Sloppiness Offence. (It sounded funny in my head).
Are there going to be any "permanent" new faces in the team, or are we just rolling through new agents every week? Anybody know?

Agent Garrett and Agent Triplett are the new recurring characters mentioned awhile back.
AndrewCrossett, please join the rebellion. We are legion. I refuse to use the punctuation in SHIELD as well. Of course I usually walk a dangerous line and leave the hyphen out of Spiderman too. It's sacrilege but I'm crazy like that. :)
Oh my. Is there a breathtaking good looks requirement to be a SHIELD agent along with all the rest?
IrrationaliTV, that's a step too far. As Chandler on Friends said, "He's Spider-MAN, not Larry Spiderman."
In relation to the titles, I'm of the opinion that if the scripts used in the production have episodes names in the format of fake acronyms, then it's IMDB and other sites being too lazy to give the correct respect to the episodes when they put up listings. Also, I agree with Jason_M_Bryant's point that one should never remove the hyphen from Spider-man's title....just not done!


As for Garrett and Triplett sticking around long-term? Guess that is up to Messrs. Paxton and Britt.
If people would enjoy SHIELD (sign me up, rebels) for what it is and not hate it for what it's not, I suspect many would find some breezy fun to be had. And that's basically what the Marvel movies are, aren't they?
The Marvel movies are deep philosphical treatises on men and women trying to deal with the ethical and moral dilemmas of today... Okay, it's just breezy fun.

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