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February 24 2014

A librarian knows what is important for his baby girl. In the "Unshelved" comic strip, mostly about books and library life, a pair of librarian parents debate what book is best for their daughter.

She already knows what is best for her, though - our Slayer.

That's well done.

Though I did identify with the baby in that last panel and Gage & Allie were the parents keeping "Bu pee" just out of reach.

Is it March yet? I need Buffy and sunshiny sun times.
As a librarian I have to say my girls are HUGE Buffy and Angel fans. Of course, they are 16 and 18 but I raised them on it. And they are more like Spike fans ....
Just to be precise, she's a teacher & he's the librarian. They had started dating seriously when she told him how much she was looking forward to Serenity.
As a huge fan of Buffy, Mo Willems (the author of Knuffle Bunny) and Unshelved, this comic was like a small piece of paradise for me.

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