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February 25 2014

Drew Pearce interview sparks "Joss Whedon to direct Avengers 3" speculation. Various pop culture sites are picking up on this comment Drew made to, "Unless you're Joss [Whedon] and you're making Avengers 2 and 3".

I hope it's true. Don't get me wrong, I want him to do Wastelanders, Dr Horrible 2, and all things jazzy. But if he gets to do Avengers 3, he might get his Wasp, including everything else he wanted in the first one, but couldn't. After Ant Man, there is that possibility.
The world needs the Joss Whedon super-blockbuster Avengers trilogy.
Wonder if Drew's (Goddard) presence in the brain trust is more to do with him having also helped Joss a bit on the first Avengers like Jed and Mo did, or more to do with his role in the Netflix series.

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Well, let's just wait and see how good Age of Ultron is and if Joss then says that he wants to go for another ride with the Avengers, I am all for it.
I wouldn't take this casual remark as necessarily true. Could easily just be an assumption based on how things usually work out these days. I don't think he's read the contract, and I don't know what he's heard or from whom.
I'm happy whatever he decides to / gets to do, but my slight personal hope would maybe be him writing/producing the third one to keep his thumbprint clear and present on the series, but not necessarily directing it. Would think that'd free up a good bit of time and energy for him (be that to do other things or to simply get some well-deserved rest), and then I as a fan could have my cake and eat it too without worrying he's going to collapse into a coma once Avengers 3 comes out. :D He should have the pull at Marvel by now that there'd be little risk of them botching his script anyway, especially if he stays involved throughout the process.

Edit: And I'm with GreatMuppetyOdin on thinking this might just be a casual turn of phrase and half-assumption rather than any kind of specific knowledge.

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Honestly, I don't think it is too far fetched to assume that Joss will be there for the typical trilogy ride with him also having his hands in all the surrounding solo movies. Though personally, I'd just love for Joss to use his new found mainstream fame to sweet talk himself into a nice deal for a new original TV show.
Its got to be hard to say no to a trilogy all your own.

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Of two minds here - it's hard to imagine Joss walking away from the trilogy just as it reaches it penultimate chapter. His vision for the MCU has been the thread that ties all the movies together, and given the years/hours/creative sweat invested to get this far it'd be odd to hand it off

That said from all the interviews I've read to date it IS a drain shepherding these mega blockbusters to market, and given he's just starting 2 there might be a moment a couple months from now when he thinks "Holy Hannah, I'll be lucky it get out of this in one piece never mind a third"

I get the idea to "just" do the script - but given the problems he's had in the past with directors not delivering on his written words I think that unlikely

No doubt there'll be quite the Hollywood buzz over the next several months while shooting begins in earnest and this plays out
I thought Drew Goddard is producing, acting as showrunner and helping write the Netflix and Marvel Studios-developed Daredevil series.

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I have to say I hope Joss does *not* direct Avengers 3. The first movie was great, I'm sure the second one will be too, and they have really opened up a lot of doors for him. But they have also monopolized way too much of his time, for way too many years of his professional life. I hope after Avengers 2 he will get back to concentrating on his own properties.
I have to wonder if Disney will try and convince Joss to do something Star Wars (perhaps the Solo or Fett spinoffs) instead of Avengers 3.
I think Joss would complete the trilogy if given the chance-because it's just a moment of history. I think Marvel would let him finish if given the opportunity because no one gets it like Joss does. (Look at how the elements from The Avengers fortified Iron Man 3. When Stark was riding the missile we assume everything will be ok-it turns out to have been more complicated than we first thought. When watching The Avengers again-we get a deeper appreciation for the action.)
If Joss has a hankerin' for some TV-he has an outlet for that, too. #NotABadWay #ToSpendADecade. He can probably chisel away some time to pop out an indie film, too.
I wonder what Joss wants me to do next with my life...
If Avengers 3 is going to introduce Phase 2 characters (Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, etc.) while phasing out (no pun intended) Phase 1 characters (Iron Man, Thor, etc.) then it'll need a steady hand for that transition, someone who has had his hands in the MCU for both phases. IIRC, Joss met with Edgar Wright on Ant-Man and basically affirmed to Marvel that James Gunn was a good choice for Guardians of the Galaxy.
I'm sure Joss needs to know my opinion of what to do with his career. Or not. Keep doing what makes you happy, boss! We will keep standing in line and throwing our money. :)

Drew Pearce just tweeted that he has no idea if Joss is coming back for Avengers 3. So that is settled.

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I hope he doesn't do Avengers 3. By summer of 2015 it will have been far too long since we got any completely original Joss Whedon goodness.
Avengers could be just another of his series. He'd direct the pilot, the finale and a bunch of crazy one shots, and let other directors do the other episodes.

And I'd love to see Tony Stark cope with a silent episode.
Ragondux, they kinda did that. It was the scene at the schawarma restaurant.
Given the box office of the first one I'd be very very surprised if they don't have an option on him to do the third. There will be break clauses, without question, but if Avengers 2 does anything even approaching the same BO as the first then there'll be a pretty much automatic lock in for the third. To be honest I'd be far more surprised if people were talking in terms of him definitely not coming back for number 3.
As I recall, Joss thought long and hard about whether he'd even come back for the second movie. If I had to guess, I'd say it's less than 50% likely he'll want to devote another 3 years of the prime of his career to telling stories (one story, really) about other people's characters.

After the expected success of Avengers 2, Joss will be in a position to never again have to worry about his or his family's financial security. In addition, having made several billion dollars for Hollywood, he's going to have nothing but green lights and nine-figure budgets as far as the eye can see. He'll be able to do a film of Robert Downey belching the alphabet and have it open in 2,000 theaters.

I could be wrong, but if I were a gambler I'd put my money on him saying no to Avengers 3.

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The way they tell it, Joss was thinking about Ultron while he was making Avengers. All those story ideas just danced in his head, taunting him.

I think what will determine whether he comes back is how badly he wants to tell the next story.

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