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March 12 2004

(SPOILER) Herc from AICN gives Wonderfalls pilot 4.5 stars. It’s a comedy. A funny one. “Joan of Arcadia” is watchable, but (let’s face it) bland as Wonder Bread. “Wonderfalls” is a thing of wonder. Episode two? Even better!

You know it never dawned on me till reading herc's talkback board but yeah in someways Wonderfalls does remind me of Amelie. No wonder the premis felt vaguely familiar, well that was a popular underdog of a movie in the States at least a lot of foriegn films don't do as well over here, cause they are played in small art houses, actually one weekend it made it to #4 in box office ranking. Great film and I suggest if you like Wonderfalls rent that film or buy the DVD.
Is tonight's episode the first or the second? Because a while back there was news that FOX didn't want to show the pilot first. Maybe I am confused, and I am thinking of a production pilot, which wouldn't air anyway. Does anyone actually have details on all the episodes?
I didn't like Amelie at all, for various reasons, but I have a feeling I'll love Wonderfalls. I like my heroines to be a tad less cutesy and a bit more snarky, so I think I'll be just fine. Amelie bludgeoned me to death with it's gag-worthy cuteness factor.
Does anyone know if Wonderfalls will be airing in the UK at all? It sounds great.
Assuming we dont get swamped with threads, this will probably be the Whedonesque discussion threads for Wonderfalls. Seeing as I haven't seen the episode, I'm going to go with my gut instincts after watching the pop video promo trailer for the show.

US TV kooky girl stereotype. Loath those. Sabrina the Teenage Witch for some reason came to mind. The clips scream 'Dead Like Me' to me which while not my most favourite show of all time, is one I am very fond of. Catchy tune. Too catchy. Prefer the music they use in the Flash promos on Zap2it.

But I will be watching this episode soonish to see what I think of it properly. As god knows I will be needing a new show to fall in love with soon.
Invisible Green - it is the original pilot being aired tonight - next week episode is the second episode but in the shoot schedule it was number 11 but Tim M. said it was his idea to do that and not FOX - can't remember why but I think episode 4 was filmed as episode 13 - so not sure if they will change the prouction numbers to fit.

Mind Pieces - I know Amelie was very cute and all but the concepts are similar. Helping people - although she does it more to live through them. There are people she ends up setting up and she has some imaginary animals in her past that have talked to her. So there is some similarity on a quirky level. Granted she'd not as snarky as Wonderfalls female is and even though I like the first episode I was not in Love with it but it was a rough draft that was posted so hopefully the cleaned up verison (ie bells and whistles) will give it that touch it needs. Or I fear it may leave some feeling as if it was over-hyped and didn't deliver.

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There's a way cool surprise in the 2nd ep. I'll tell you after it airs.
Cool, Thanks RavenU!
Wow. There's just something about Wonderfalls. I didn't think I could get drawn in like this. I'm hooked. And yeah, I immediately thought it was reminiscent of Amelie. There is definitely nothing else like this on TV. Yay!
I enjoyed this show. I found the lead actress to be very expressive and the writing quick and witty. I hope that I can catch it often...with it being on Friday...that might be a little difficult... but I'll try.

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