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February 26 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2. The adventures of Mal and co continue in the second part of Zack Whedon's miniseries.

Wow,that was exciting. I liked it even more than the first issue. ( More time with our BDH helped).

Poor Mal. His life is really screwed up since the events on Miranda. Trouble just seems to find him wherever he goes. He's never had to leave Zoe behind, and if it wasn't for little Emma I don't think he would have. She can take care of herself though. She will have to now...

Nice to see River is still a badass. I presume we will see into her mind next issue. That will be,,,interesting:-)

Poor Jayne:-) Even though he was swayed by money, he thought he was doing the right thing. He thought he would get a heroes welcome. I think he will prove himself worthy of the gang by the end of the story though.

Not too much from the rest of the crew this issue. Nice to see the brotherly love from Simon to River again. And of course Kaylee would be the one to take care of Emma in Zoe's absence.

I really wish this was more than 6 issues.
Great job by Zack! I think he has really captured the voices of the characters. This issue really had me involved. Jubal Early's monologue was really creepy. Great tone, great pacing. It's hard to see Zoe being helpless though...
I don't think she is going to be helpless for too much longer:) And boy, I do not wanna be a bad guy when that happens!
Good stuff, enjoyed it. Anyone see the Will Conrad art on the letters page. Possible spoiler for a guest star in Angel and Faith?
For a minute I thought the end monologue was River, so when they showed Jubal I freaked out. I can't stand not knowing what might happen to River. Everything about this issue just makes me want more.
This issue appears to be setting up a major incident of fan-hitting starting in the next issue.

She can kill you with her brain, Mr. Early.
Wow, only 6 comments? Where are all the fans?
I don't even know what to say because... I'm stunned. I'm just. Wow.

How long until March 26?
Wow, only 6 comments? Where are all the fans?

What else needs to be said? It's pretty much all there on the page already (imo much to the authors' credit.)

I don't quite understand that response. In the past new issues/episodes had comments in the hundreds. Not always doing a critical analysis, but how much they enjoyed it.

By your thought process the more comments = the more an episode/issue needs to be explained?
Online discussion of the comics has really fallen off. It goes all the way back to the start of Buffy season 9. Not just here, but on all the Whedon-oriented sites.

It's not because people aren't reading the comic... issue #1 was the best-selling Whedonverse comic in 4 years and made the Top 30.
That's why I am so surprised Andrew. Part of the fun for me is the post read discussion.
Well, I just got my issue today. And I loved it. I was kind of sad to see the thread so far down page.

I just think the voices are just so spot on. I feel like I'm in an ep and that makes me very happy. I think I've seen better faces from Jeanty but overall the mood was Firefly.

I can't wait to get into Rivers' head. I hope Early doesn't wake her up too soon.

I'm not sure about Bea, though she has good hair.
Finally got my hands on this now. As everyone's said, Zack really has these voices nailed, which is really all I need to thoroughly enjoy it. But the plot seems to be getting quite interesting as well. I wonder if he is specifically introducing a new crew member to replace the two they've lost in the film, or if that's a red herring and blue-hair-girl is leaving or dying by the end of the mini.

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