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"I have to find my pleasure, Spike. You taste like ashes."
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February 27 2014

12 most codependent supervillains of all time. Two Whedonverse pairings made this io9 list.

I'm not sure I agree with the Dr. Horrible/Captain Hammer pairing. Yes, they both compete for Penny's affections, but both make strong attempts at killing one another which suggests they are hardly co-dependent.
Seriously lacking Thor/Loki.

I'm of the mind that you really need a fair amount of codependency to make a great hero/villain story. Hammer/Horrible is sort of a turn on the heals spoof of it, which I love.

For the many Justified fans here, Boyd/Raylan is a good example in my book. (NOTE: I am only starting S3) They both feel the other is pathologically and morally wrong but seem to want to care for each other, ie I'll shoot you but not kill you.

Granted I know that's a bit about not killing great characters, but isn't that what makes a great story work? The tension of some codependancy?

And if you are a Whedon fan who hasn't watched Justified. Start it. Yesterday.

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I did expect Loki and Thor...

Ahhhh, Ares and Xena ;___; my childhood OTP. All he did for her against his nature reminds me a lot of Spike.

Always found much characters parallel between Buffy/Angel and Xena/ Hercules.
Angelus is seriously obsessed with Buffy, to the point where he is more bothered about making her suffer more pain than he is about killing her, as Spike points out.
I thought it was going to be Spike and Drusilla.
To Gill- This. Angelus never wanted to kill Buffy. She was his ultimate project, she would have topped Drusilla. Except Buffy wouldn't break.

I always saw the Acathla plan as Angelus getting pissed off that he couldn't Break Buffy so he was just going to end the world instead. Because hey, he would have won then.
OneTeV: I had that thought too.
But I suppose Spike & Drusilla, while very codependent, are two villains?
@Elf: Maybe that was the idea behind the Acathla plan, but that wasn't very clear. I see Angelus as the type of guy who tries to break you for decades before he gives up.

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