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February 27 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to return to the UK on March 14th. Bleeding Cool says "the remaining episodes will now run uninterrupted, one a week until they catch up with the US and match them all the way to the finale".

Titanfall or SHIELD or Daddy or Chips.
Hooray! It's about time. I'm excited to get the rest without gaps too. Well, unless ABC keeps breaking up the schedule until we catch up. I hope that won't happen.
(Just remembered I'm already seeing the Veronica Mars movie that evening. Though it's not like I'm complaining about that clash!)
About flipping time. And they obviously feel it has mileage, to put it back on the main channel. I'm looking forward to it.

Like Bleeding Cool, I really don't understand how US audiences put up with it.
Okie dokie Fridays just became fun TV night again.

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