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February 28 2014

Top eleven times Joss Whedon made me cry with sadness. What's on your list?

I think we've found the only person on Earth that did not cry when watching The Body.

Since that day, even fruit punch can make me sad.
Is this from a major blog? I only ask since blog posts aren't typically featured here.
1. Spike sacrife in last ep of buffy (on tv)
2. Wesley sacrife in last ep of angel (on tv)
3. Topher sacrife in last ep of dollhouse (on tv)
4. Tara being shot
5. Wash and the crash land
6. Book and protecting his home
7. Penny being accidently killed by Penny
8. Buffy's mom
9. Spike gets his soul
10. Wesley trying to save Fred
11. Fred dying
that's my personal list
In addition to those moments, I also well up (not necessarily in sadness) at:

Buffy overhearing Giles and Angel talking in Prophecy Girl, and her reaction
Holtz taking Connor to Quor'toth
Buffy's bus ride in Becoming Part 2 (damn you, Sarah McLachlan!)
The end of You're Welcome
Buffy re-inviting Spike into her home in The Gift, and Spike's reply
Buffy missing Riley's helicopter
Buffy getting the Class Protector award
Xander's "extraordinary" speech to Dawn

and like a million other things.
Here are my 11, although I'm sure I'm leaving something out (do I need to mention SPOILERS).

1. Wesley’s death at the end of Not Fade Away
2. Buffy’s final speech and sacrifice at the end of The Gift
3. Willow struggling to figure out what to wear when Joyce dies AND Anya’s breakdown because she doesn’t understand AND Dawn falling apart in the hallway at school AND when Buffy first refers to her mom as “the body”
4. Buffy sending Angel to hell at the end of Season 2
5. Spike’s final moments in Chosen
6. Lorne’s final assignment in Not Fade Away
7. Zoe: “She’s torn up plenty, but she’ll fly true.”
8. Doyle’s death and the final shot of his “low rats” video
9. Oz: “My whole life, I’ve never loved anything else.”
10. Xander to Dawn: “You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.”
11. The Class Protector Award

I actually found myself tearing up a little just making this list. Trying to figure out how I'd respond if one of my coworkers walked by my cubicle and asked what's wrong.

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Just . . . yeah . . . you know that guy, Joss, that I talk about all the time? Right - the one who created all those shows in my screensaver. I was just making a list of all the times he's made me sob. Uh-huh. Yes, it's fiction. Yes, I watch it on purpose. Repeatedly. Yes, I cry every time. Wait . . . what? We're NOT going out to lunch later? I thought you said . . . I see. Okay. Talk to you later then . . ."
"I actually found myself tearing up a little just making this list. Trying to figure out how I'd respond if one of my coworkers walked by my cubicle and asked what's wrong." - JWFC

Haha, I was thinking the same thing, only about just reading everyone's lists, not making one. And then your imagined scenario made me laugh-tearup
When Buffy and Willow learn about Jenny in Passion.

Giles to Buffy at the end of Innocence: "Do you want me to wag my finger at you and tell you, you acted rashly? You did, and I can. But I know you loved him, and he has proven more than once that he loved you. You couldn't have known what would happen. The coming months are going to be very hard - I suspect on all of us. But if you're looking for guilt, Buffy, I'm not your man. All you will have from me is my support... and my respect."

Absolutely kills me. And then, of course, "We're not supposed to touch the body!"
In no particular order...

1. Connor's breakdown in 'Home', 'not enough to hold on'
2. End of 'You're Welcome' (well, all of 'You're Welcome' really)
3. End of Forever, 'who's gonna be if I'm not?'
4. End of Becoming pt 2
5. Faith-as-Buffy and Riley in Who Are You
6. End of Dead Things
7. Angel stops being feral in Beauty and the Beasts
8. The end of Bargaining pt2, 'is this hell?'
9. The end of Darla, 'favour? you damned me'
10. The end of The Gift

I also haven't put The Body on my list. I do sometimes cry when watching it but generally it's not an episode I feel like I can cry during, it's beyond that.

Looking at my list I realise that's all Buffy and Angel but I guess they hit me the hardest...
9. Oz: “My whole life, I’ve never loved anything else.”
11. The Class Protector Award

#9 was my first thought because I'm in the middle of a rewatch and have just finished "Beer Bad." "Wild at Heart" is just around the corner and I'm kind of dreading it.

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1. The Body
2. Echo crying over Ballard

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1. The last act of Becoming, Part 2.
2. The last scene in You're Welcome.
3. The Body. Buffy really losing it like that always makes me lose it to.
4. Buffy getting her kind-of happy ending at Prom.
5. Cordelia ascending/Angel sinking.
6. Adelle losing it A Spy in the House of Love
7. Tara :(
8. Yellow crayon. Cuz friends!
I always cry the hardest watching The Body. Buffy's death in The Gift was a tough one for me too, as well as Fred's in A hole in the world. And Topher, god, my poor bby Topher, I will never get over that one. And, weirdly, I cried when Giles died in S8, like A LOT.
there is allot of times i tear up but the ones that mostly get me ill keep it to 3.

1. In once more with feeling Buffy sing the thinks she was in heaven and they show willows reaction.

2. Yeah the Extraordinary speech.

3. Angels righteous man speech on the cliff.

As for the Body thats just hard to watch and skip it when i do my
yearly Buffy/Angel marathon
Mine are most of the usual suspects - with both Anya & Willow's freak-outs in "The Body" probably being my top ones, "The Gift" ending a close second, and Penny dying in Doc Horrible a close third, I think, but so many more weepful moments, too. I still cry during "Amends", too. Oh, and Dawn lying next to the Buffy-bot in season six.

I'm with sumogrip - Giles to Buffy at the end of "Innocence" kills me - I always think of it as his most Atticus Finch moment. He's saying the Dad-thing that some of us might have wanted to hear.

So much cry in the Whedon'verse.
Darla's re-vamping was sad, but for me the tears come in the alley in "Lullaby;" "You'll be sure and tell him that, won't you?"

Of course, Oz's good-bye in "wild At Heart," Angel's failure to follow Holtz and the baby into Quor'toth.

Have never gotten emotionally invested in any Joss's non-Buffyverse projects, and except for Dollhouse don't particularly like any of them , either.
So many moments...most of them have been mentioned already, but here are a few more that get to me:

In 'Passion', when Buffy breaks down in Giles's arms and says "You can't leave me."

The end of 'Needs' when all the Actives collapse and their real selves are no more than engagements of the week.

The church scene in 'Beneath You'.
Thinking of those moments, I realise how Angel is the catalyst of all the heart-breaking missed opportunities tragedies.
I would go in no particular order:
The sacrifice of Doyle,
Then again Doyle on camera,
The whole episode of You're Welcome,
A Hole in the World,
Wesley's death,
Angel dealing with Connor's loss when he goes in his room, Cassie's poem in Help,
The speech in The Prom,
Ballard and Topher in Epitaph 2.
Angel, Origin.

That whole episode in general is a buildup of weepiness, but, "I learned that from my father", and the looks they share afterward, kill me.
Off of the top of my head...

1. The Body (enough said)
2. Fred's death
3. Illyria lies to Wesley
4. Giles going through Jenny's death
5. Buffy dies to save Dawn
6. Faith wanting to be killed
7. Buffy sends Angel to hell
8. Topher sacrifices himself
9. Doyle sacrifices himself
10. Kitty Pryde sacrifices herself

Lots of sacrifices.
my heart is breaking, i've the song "A Place Called Home" running in my head, plus the fact i watched in the early hours, "Wild at Heart"
This wallflower is breaking!
The sadness is so cathartic though, so relatable, and that's what makes his work special working in tandem with the wonderful actors he finds. We recall specific scenes, moments, dialogue instantly because they've become almost a part of our psyche:

Buffy to Angel: "I love you. Close your eyes."

Then the scene in which she finally tells Giles and Willow what happened: "But it was too late, and I had to. So I told him that I loved him, I kissed him, and I killed him."

When I tear up remembering moments like that, then I try to think of something funny like Pangs or "Party in my eye socket. Sometimes I shouldn't say words."
One scene that always affects me, which I don't often hear mentioned by others, is when Buffy's mother finds out that she's a Slayer. Buffy's frustration and hurt at being so misunderstood by someone she loves so much is true to everyday life in a way that most of the tearjerker moments aren't.
Not making a list now, but the one scene that never fails to bring tears to my eyes is the scene in silence where Buffy informs Dawn that their mother has died. When Dawn falls apart, so do I.

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