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February 28 2014

This WB promo from 2000 will blow your mind. "Every famous person from late-90s television parties together in this amazing, glorious promo."

So who's shipping Angel and Prue now? I also like how they snuck in Buffy footage for SMG.

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I watch this promo every once in awhile, when I wanna remember the old WB.
This is great!

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The SMG clips are from BtVS. I think they just added it to the promo. Jen and Dawson seemed to have a serious storyline going from the mysterious bubbles to the dominos lol
That isn't "Every famous person from late-90s television": there are none of the Teletubbies for a start.
I love this promo, but not as much as the wonderful "Crawl" from 1999.

The WB had become such a great network in 2000 : Buffy, Angel, Felicity, Dawson's Creek... and the arrival of Gilmore Girls ! a real golden age.
Yeah, I miss the old WB. I mean, I won't stick up for Roswell nowadays, necessarily, but at the time I sure loved everything they did.
They weren't kidding about the "wanna get outta here?" between Angel/David and Prue/Shannon.

That's pretty fabulous. Was that Jason Dohring crowd-surfing? He'd have been just 18 in 2000, no idea what show he'd have been on -- but very prescient if it was, because that's a party that Logan would totally be at.
Aw man, I still need to pick up the two seasons of Popular on DVD. Really liked the quirk.
Nico-Angel, Crawl was amazing and gives me the nostalgia like nothing else. Probably haven't seen it in over ten years but remember it vividly. Off to YouTube...
This is fantastic. What I really miss though, is the ads where there would be two WB stars walking around having a conversation, when one would interrupt, say 'Watch the Frog', Michigan J Frog would do a little dance move, and the other star would response 'Sure'.

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