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March 03 2014

Scarlett Johansson pregnant! Actress expecting first child with fiance Romain Dauriac. Congrats to the couple!

Nooo! My already pathetic chances of marrying Scarlett Johansson have fallen even further

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Hmm, this will certainly affect the filming of Avengers, I'd imagine.
Rambaldi, I thought the exact same thing. Although if she was looking for a more sympathetic boss than Joss she probably wouldn't find one. Wonder if they'll shuffle her scenes to get them done now? Or write her part down? Interesting challenge for the Marvel crew.
Maybe they'll put Black Widow in a coma.
Or have her as the voice at the other end of the phone...
I hope it doesn't limit her role too much. She was the most interesting character in Avengers 1 (something about Joss always writing strong female characters). Her action stuff is done be a stunt double, so with some creative shooting they should be able to keep her in the mix. Or she could always, y'know, get turned into a puppet.
They need to save the mystical pregnancy storylines for Scarlet Witch! Good for her, though.
Very interesting. Widow was supposed to have a "key role" in the sequel - will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Congrats to them both. I really hope that with filming starting so soon this doesn't have to affect much. Maybe they can simply adjust her costume so it doesn't show. I'm hoping to see a lot of Black Widow in the sequel.
I just read that the filming schedule is being adjusted so that her scenes will be completed earlier. It also might not be out of the question that they'd have time for reshoots with her during the last months before the film's release, but that's just my speculation. I don't feel awesome for being concerned about how her pregnancy could affect my entertainment, but this is avengers, for god's sake.
I love how fandom is both happy for her and concerned for her character.

Hawkeye/Widow parent fics might escalate with the news lol
I wonder is Marvel knew about this before we found out. Hopefully rescheduling her scenes will work out so nothing is cut.
My first thought: congrats on the happy news!

My second thought: I hope that Johansson's pregnancy doesn't lead to Widow's role being reduced; her character was one of the highlights of the first movie.

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