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March 04 2014

(SPOILER) Whedon and Tancharoen answer your SHIELD questions. Like they did before, Jed and Maurissa answer viewers' submitted questions.

Spoiler tag added just to be sure, there might be some hints of what to expect from future episodes.

A couple of speculating observations:

right now we do have an "expert" giving an "actress we love" a crash course of "cello lessons."

That reads like a very teasing promise! Who might they be talking about? Might Coulson's old love be someone like Amy Acker or Felicia Day?

On that note:

"Will the Clairvoyant be an original character or someone we know from the comics?"

Whedon: The answer to that question is a spoiler alert, but you'll get the answer soon enough.

If the answer to this exact question would already be a spoiler by itself, perhaps the answer could be: 'not an original character, but not someone from the comics either'. There's someone who fits those criteria... Alexis Denisof's alien character from the Avengers movie.
Felicia would probably pick up the cello quite quickly, considering her existing musical instrument skill set.
Olivia Williams, maybe?
Ooo, great thought - I could totally picture Olivia Williams with a cello as the object of Coulson's affection!
My vote is for Clark's wife Jennifer Grey!

I thought it would be Joss Tancharoen answering my SHIELD questions.
The phrase "actress we love" triggers a flash of the article series that runs in Esquire magazine...which leads to the question of which Whedonverse actresses or Whedonverse-adjacent actresses have featured in those installments. I personally would think it awesome if Jennifer Grey got to be the mysterious cellist, though Olivia Williams is a very close second :D

“you'll get the answer soon enough”
“Can't comment.”
“Again, we can't comment.”

This show is like the Apple Inc. of TV.

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