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March 12 2004

"Serenity" Shooting Location Rumors. ZaphodB at claims that "Serenity" will be filming in New York City and upstate New York.

I don't know how accurate this is, but it isn't unbelievable, and he does state his sources, though not directly.

I hope it's true. I would love to go to a casting call for extras. Well worth a road trip.
Flashback: I was an extra (final crowd scene) in Ghostbusters II when they filmed in lower Manhattan. Ivan Reitman was there to tell us when to chant "Ghostbusters!" when they emerged from the museum, and where the Statue of Liberty would be "resting" in CGI. Bill Murray came out and sang to us. (Sigh. Good times.)

In other words, if they do film in New York City, and they're looking for extras? I'm in! [CJL imagines how he'd look in chaps, shakes his head in horror, then goes back to work]
Oh my god! I am so there. Never mind that it means coming up from D.C.
Well, I live in NYC so YAY!! Upstate NY is a totally different world from where I'm standing though, so that kinda sucks. I'll make the trip down there in June eitherway.
Closer to Canada than LA was at least. Hmm, so filming is supposedly beginning in June...I wonder if that's enough time to figure out the laws about Canadians working in the US, which organization you have to sign up with (I think in Canada the big on is ACTRA), etc...Anyone who knows about this sort of thing, can you shed some light on how one goes about applying to be an extra?
There was a rumour a few months back that they had looked at Utah for a possible location shoot.
Presumably there might be more than one shooting location though. Often times extras here are just day work and one doesn't have to be union affiliated. It depends. Usually if there is no talking than it's okay. Casting calls are often noted in local or regional papers if it is some place out of the way.
they had looked at Utah for a possible location shoot.

Why, I'm in Utah! I'd drive anywhere in the state for a Firefly frisson. *dons stalker gear* Hey Kaylee, I've got a piping hot engine that needs some work. Erk -- was that out loud? Sorry.

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