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March 04 2014

The Primary Instinct: A Stephen Tobolowsky Storytelling Film. Stephen Tobolowsky, who played the first Principal Flutie of Sunnydale High in the unaired Buffy pilot, wants to bring his master storytelling to the big screen in this Kickstarter project.

Stephen Tobolowsky is a master storyteller in the podcast The Tobolowsky Files, where he tells stories from his life. He and Tobolowsky FIles producer Dave Chen now have a kickstarter project to turn the podcast into a movie. This is one for all fans of Stephen Tobolowsky, The Tobolowsky Files, his work in films like Groundhog Day, or people who just love good storytelling.

Character actor Stephen Tobolowsky, who has been in practically everything, also played a role in the Buffyverse. He played Principal Flutie in the unaired Buffy Pilot, which you can find on youtube if you want to go laugh at the way vampires might have dusted on the show.

If the mods find this connection too tenuous, I'll understand. But I have always considered Tobolowsky to be part of the Whedonverse. It's on his IMDB page.

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