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March 04 2014

Which vampire hunter would you trust to keep you alive? IMDb poll featuring our favorite slayer and her bicentennial boy toy.

Buffy fans are much more organized than Blade fans. I have confidence we can pull out the win (but #2 isn't SO bad I guess) :)
Whomever wrote this list deserves mad credit for thoroughness. Specifically for including Jesus Christ. That is the best so-bad-it's-good movie I've ever seen!
As much as I wanted to pick Professor Abronsius, since trust and success were part of the equation I decided to go with the one whose objective was wasn't even to kill vampires, but to save people - Angel.
Our Lady of Buffonia closes the gap,
only 19 votes behind the snipe hunter.
I kinda miss "Mister" from "Stake Land" in that poll.
RE: Angel - I think it depends on what day of the week it is as to how long the guy keeps me alive, right? He's liable to saunter off with his ex-sire, or try and kill Wesley, or flirt with Cordy, or turn into Angelus, or follow Connor about, or jump into another dimension to "save the world" or somesuch, or just argue with Spike. He has too much going on. Whereas Buffy will always drop everything for the fight. Also, my male self seems to favour her company.....
Honestly, out of all of these, Angel would be the one who would probably keep me alive.

Buffy would let me die for the greater good, if I was bothersome to Blade the same thing would happen. Van Helsing is crazy. Alucard from Hellsing would just eat me because that's what he does.

The Winchesters would probably let me die to save their brother, even though it would be fun to be around Dean.

The only other vampire hunter I would trust on that list might be D, but he's temperamental too.

So yeah, I'd rather be saved by Angel.
@Elf: Angel let Fred die for a greater good, too. :/

"Mister" would teach me to be a vampire hunter and I will be fine on my own. :)
>> RE: Angel - I think it depends on what day of the week it is
>> as to how long the guy keeps me alive, right?

Layers, he's got layers.
He's a complex, modern, Undead-American.
IK recall the movie version of Blade as total creep. And I've been watching a lot of reruns lately and wouldn't trust either Winchester as far as I could throw the Eiffel Tower with one hand.
Buffy, no question.
@ Roadi- After Spike sort of convinced him it was the right thing to do. There was a moment where he was pretty much, "You know, screw them, I'm saving Fred . . ." Sadly, that moment passed.

However, Buffy was totally about to let some vampires eat some innocent people to get answers when she was in the future with Mel.
Ultimate team: Buffy and Captain Kronos...

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