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March 05 2014

Agents of SHIELD returns low. The show got a 1.8/6 in the demo.

Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events; but we just got our asses kicked, pal! Game over, man! Game over!
Loss of momentum due to Olympics. It's a valid excuse.
^^ That and going up against blind auditions of The Voice. I'm pretty sure it will go up significantly next week, since NCIS will be a rerun. Still, it's hard not to panic a little bit
And I don't know if it would affect the ratings too much, but yesterday was Fat Tuesday. I know I was out partying, and other people were too. That could have made the ratings low for the night.
Yeah - hard to spin anything positive out of that. Two things I'd say here. 1) the episodes have been much better of late 2) the scheduling has not made it easy for anyone to notice

My guess is that ABC renews it - they don't have a whole lot else going on. They re-tool and put it on a different night next season and see what happens, thinking at the very least it can serve as an Avengers 2 hype machine.
The Company can't complain about ratings or cost. The Company knows the audience is there-so nearly any cost is justified. The situation remains: provide the best and don't quit. Once the show gets on-track proper, it will all pay off. Modern audiences don't watch 18 mos of a new show that gets cancelled over 18 mos of their fav show's 4th or 5th season-which could get cancelled anytime.
If you were deliberately trying to kill a show, two month-long hiatuses in a row is just the way to do it. So is putting it on opposite two of the most popular shows on television.

Now that ABC knows AoS isn't going to be the Avengers-like blockbuster they were hoping for and compete with NCIS and The Voice, they need to take it out of this timeslot. Preferably before it's too late.
For what it's worth, TV By the Numbers "Cancel Bear" still considers MAOS "out of range", despite the series-low rating

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I dont really care anymore. IŽll just take what i can get with a smile. Hope it will be years, but i cant worry about it. That aside, nobody really seems to know what the ratings mean anyway, not outside of the obvious "the more the better". Not really. So, whatever. Love the show. Hope it last. Cant do anything about it. Its out of my hands.

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I assume they'll actually have a nice run of episodes without a break now the show is finally back.
Yknow, the weather kind of sort of broke here in the Northeast USA. While it was on hiatus, we were all frozen into our houses couldn't move. Now we can and watching TV really isn't the priority at least in my house.

I missed it. We've been crazy busy trying to catch up with stuff we haven't been able to do. The DVR #s will be interesting.

Or maybe, we all just had too much weather induced dramatic tension in these parts in real life and can only handle musical reality shows.

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It's not getting cancelled. The numbers aren't good, but they also aren't terrible enough to axe the show. Worst case scenario is that the show is completely retooled and/or shuffled off to Friday night.
I'm OK with retooling.
I know people don't want to even consider this with us being midway through Phase II, but the novelty just may be gone for a lot of people. A lot of people aren't die hard comics fans because the universes are just so expansive and messy it's an investment they don't want to make. Sure, it's great that Patton Oswalt can show off his cred from time to time, but when you think of the "average viewer" that did go to see the Avengers, you have to ask what they pull out of a show like this.

I'm a Whedon fan and I'm a comics fan. But the superhero/comics genre of Film/television is getting supersaturated for me. I doubt I'm the only one since I've been involved in geek culture for years. It just seems to me the regular releases of Spider-Man/X-Men/Batman/Superman (now)/Avengers may have just fatigued audience appetites for things like this. Blogs like IO9 or The Mary Sue still DEMAND that you be excited by these things, but I'm not sure that's the case for people these days. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man generated excitement precisely because Spidey hadn't ever been on the big screen. Ever.

CW seems to be able to make shows like Arrow or even Smallville back in the day, but I can't swear it isn't because those shows tend to be so self contained that you just need to invest in THAT world alone. It's easy, fun, and you don't have to carry a bag of references with you. It's, "Here's our show: enjoy it."
@azzers - Well from a Marvel Cinematic view it's hard to see any fatigue in Phase 2. The last Iron Man did over 1.2 Billion worldwide, and the last Thor grossed 200 million more worldwide than the first. I've no doubt that at some point the genre bubble will burst, but think the Marvel controlled properties are OK for now.

I think the show is not the ratings juggernaut ABC may have hoped for because a significant group they thought would like it .... doesn't. They may have assumed that all Whedon/Comics/MCU fans would adore the show, and clearly a number of them don't for a rather wide range of reasons

I happen to like the show quite a bit and believe it'll be renewed. Frankly I think they'd be better off focusing more on the core team and stop with the MCU references / cameos which always ring a little "wink wink" for me. I think that can allow them to pull in the maximum "average" viewers, knowing the hardcore crowd is going to come to the movies anyway
I'm ready to bet people that it will get a season 3. Look at what ABC did at 10pm with a new show. Just look. :)
I am just hoping that the ratings are not all that important next to all the advertising they get for their movies, which are far more important to the parent companies.
Too bad, because I thought it was the best episode.
These are bad ratings, but network tv seem to be in a ratings freefall these days. Nothing to worry about... yet.
Adjusted to a 1.8, not that that's much better. I was annoyed that throughout this whole Skye injured/dying saga, that not once did they mention she might have different physiology to consider in trying to get her better!
Only Coulson and May know she is an O-8-4, and if the SHIELD doctors didn't notice anything, then she probably doesn't have a different physiology. Even if she had, how would it be helpful? They don't have a clue what she is.
IrrationaliTV is right. If ABC is going to cancel shows, it has less watched shows to choose from.

NCIS is still smashing everything else.

Numbers like Chicago Fire or even Person of Interest are possible.

Too early to call.
I really want to like this show ! and I felt it was getting better, but I'm just bored now. It's just so conventional.

I feel like I'm watching this ABC/Marvel product which is trying to have a personality but is dramatically failing.

I think the show will probably be renewed, because Avengers 2 is coming next year, and ABC will want to get its money's worth. But I'm predicting the show won't last longer than 2 seasons.

I'm still hoping for a drastic change in style and quality, but I've almost given up :(

As always, you have to be careful with movie grosses. Marvel makes solid movies, but that does not mean that the audience is then going to expand for everything Marvel. It also doesn't mean the movie can't make a profit while still showing an audience slide.

Here's BoxOfficeMojo's unadjusted box office grosses. Also, scroll below the top and you'll see the adjusted grosses. But I'd still suggest if you look at this you can see where audience enthusiasm is dipping. Now, you can throw the international returns and it looks like Marvel is blowing everything out of the water they did in the past, but that's mainly because it's an apples to oranges comparison. In the past, those international returns weren't being tracked.

Yes, IM3 and Thor TDW exceeded their predecessors (IM2 wasn't hard). But I'd suggest IM3 was a solid film which only ticked above IM 1 after being buoyed by the Avengers and The Dark World only ticked up slightly after being buoyed by both the Avengers and the internet's recent HIddleston fascination. Hell, most promos focused on Loki. It's just a far cry from the days when single superhero films smashed box office records.

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