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March 05 2014

The cast of Angel: 10 years on. Den of Geek explores each cast member's career since the show ended nearly 10 years ago.

No Spike or Groo though, hm.
All of the people on this list who are still alive and not getting big parts deserve good roles. I think so, anyway. I mean, Mercedes is hilarious, and I thought Stephanie did some amazing work on Angel. Charisma too! I feel like there are a lot of Whedonverse actors across all his shows that deserve better parts than they are currently getting. I guess I just need to write something, convince some studio to make it, and then convince them to let me cast it. I'll get right on that ;)
I think it's partly because a lot of studios unfairly type-cast them as sci-fi TV actors. This breakdown proves that most of them have been primarily cast in sci-fi/supernatural/horror shows since leaving Buffy/Angel. In fact, FOUR of them have made appearances on SUPERNATURAL alone.
Typecasting really isn't a bad thing for the vast majority of actors. I'm sure it might feel tedious to play the same sort of character repeatedly, but from a business end most actors would love to be the person casting directors think of first when a particular type of role comes across their desk. That's the sort of thing that leads to steady work.

Hollywood's a tough town full of talented people, and these actors were all incredibly lucky to land a fan-beloved gig like "Angel." With a couple exceptions, these guys were unknowns before they met Joss Whedon, and they owe their careers in part to the notoriety they gained through working with him. Guest starring appearances on "Supernatural" may not seem like an appropriately glamorous fate for the people who brought to life the characters we fell in love with, but it's better than the work they were getting before "Angel."
Well, yes. But I still have to wonder how fulfilled actors like Mercedes McNab feel being type-cast in a string of B-Horror movies (as the article indicates). I'm sure it pays the bills, but money doesn't always equal happiness. However, I won't make any assumptions- maybe she loves it.
I remember Christopher Walken commenting on typecasting by saying that sometimes it was limiting, "but if they need a Christopher Walken-type character, there's really only one place they can go."
I like the comment that Vincent hasn't aged well. Apparently someone who doesn't know he's supposed to look a lot older on Mad Men.
Interesting - but a little snarky for my tastes. There seems a need to critique from the outside what is acceptable success, not only in Hollywood, but sports, business etc.

For all I know several of the alums may well pinch themselves every morning thinking "Good God - I can't believe how blessed I am" This notion that so & so "only" had a 5-6 year run on a network television show is slightly insulting. Given the unemployment rate for actors I guess most would give their right arm for a shot at that career path
And whether the roles the actors get are notable or not, they're working. They snark on Charisma, for example, but she's been working steadily in an industry that favors younger women.
"She, too, had a recurring role on Dollhouse, though in fairness pretty much everyone was wasted on that show. "

What. My face got all frowny and eye-brow-wrinkly after reading that.

It also failed to mention Amy's hat-licious guest appearance on Grimm. Would've been interesting to get a more meaty look at actors appearing on the same shows but at different times. Julie Benz was on Supernatural, too. Nevermind the Cordy/Spike reunion.

Disappointing article.
So much dollhouse hate.
I just can't believe it's been nearly 10 years!
Re: David Boreanaz - "Hollywood hasn't come calling ..." Where do they think "Bones" is made, on the moon?
The man has been series regular or a lead on 3 successful shows every year for the last 17 years.

He's doing ok I think.
Mercedes's part on _HIMYM_ was uncredited; unjustly, because she did a lot of face acting in the scene, going through a whole silent character arc in minutes. I suppose she's happily "housewifing " these days. Physically, she'd make a great Joyce MAttthews for a Milton Berle or Billy Rose biopic, but I don't see anyone casting her in such a heavy-drama part.
Upset they didn't mention Charisma's _Surviving Evil_.
I'm sorry, Nobody was wasted on Dollhouse!
Yeah, the DH-bashing bugged me too. I'm not gonna lie, I was very underwhelmed by Alexis' performance on DH but Amy Acker was wonderful and she was given some great material. Whiskey's character was one of the highlights of the show for many people. So she certainly was not "wasted" by any stretch of the imagination.

I thought the DB comments were kind of lame too. His movie roles aren't exactly the stuff dreams are made of but he's had a very successful television career. He's been the lead of two hit shows and a series regular and much loved character of another. And it's astounding, frankly, to look at how much he's improved as an actor if you compare his acting in BtVS S1 to now. The article seems to have a very snobby attitude towards TV as a medium which is pretty outdated nowadays. TV, especially on cable, is producing some of the best stories out there and is attracting some very prestigious talent.

It is a shame that the cast has been so type-cast though. SciFi actors really do get the short end of the stick in this industry.

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