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March 06 2014

The 20 greatest Joss Whedon characters. Total Film pick their favourites.

Great list, but... where the hell is GILES?! Kaylee, and Penny?
20 is just not enough. No Giles? No Kaylee? No Dr Horrible?
Poor Dawn. Always getting the snark...

These lists need more Adelle DeWitt.
I liked this list, but you're right, Giles could've easily replaced Andrew, or Topher.

There needed to be Giles.
This was a fun list. I'm happy with how high Mal and Faith scored as they're my favorites.

However, I thought a better quote for River would've been "She understands, but she does not comprehend."
i'm shocked only 20 as there are too many to mention
Missing Jayne, Kaylee, and that guy named, um, Angel. Also, Anya at #3 while Buffy is at #13 and Oz is at #19? This list seems an apocalypse in and of itself.
Good list. Don't necessarily agree with all of the choices or the placings, but a decent enough representation. Ripley is iconic, and amazing, the first films.

Willow's my favourite fictional character, ever, but I was happier to see Lilah included because Willow's pretty popular anyway.

Personal favourites that would've made my list; Adele and Clare from Dollhouse. And Tara! I'm not sure if they were including comic book characters in their list, but Kitty Pryde in Astonishing X-Men is another favourite. (I mean, I love her all the time anyway, but still).

Yeah, that needed to be a bigger list. Fun though.
The River quote they chose was pretty weak. Even something as predictable as "I can kill you with my brain" would've been better. But why get hung up on that.

I liked that it included some "underdogs" from the sidelines. Or even someone like Ripley whether I agree or not.
As usual, it's all personal preference. Spike would be my #1, but I doubt anyone didn't know that. ;) And I do love me some Mal.
I hate those guys who always complain about lists (they are subjective, you know) and also... I hate to be that guy right now. Wesley and Willow so low, no Kaylee. Did I mention no Kaylee?
Twenty sounds like a lot until you look at the list & realize how many important people are missing. Joss seems to be good at this character-creating thing.
Huh, I'm assuming that's a ranked list, so while it's good to see that Ripley is on there even dead last (always liked A.R. for the parts I knew came from Joss), it's not so good to see the ultimate Jekyll & Hyde character, Angel, missing.

I know most people jump on the Spike party train, and I love him too, but in part because of David Boreanaz starting out in Buffy as an unschooled sort of pretty-boy actor and turning into the skilled man who delivered that fantastic monologue about the Circle of the Black Thorn in Angel Season 5, (let alone the great episodes in which Faith returns to hunt Angelus) the list disappoints me with that omission. I really do think Angel had as unique a journey as Spike did, but Angel was more the straight man in a two-vampire-leads tag team.
What... no Riley!? ;)

PS I liked Riley. And Dawn.
I also liked Dawn. Dawn was great. I knew I wasn't the only one. (and it is worth remarking that Michelle Trachtenberg had mad acting chops--even on a show filled with people who had mad acting chops, she was one of the stand-outs, I think. Although that may be a separate point from how one feels about the character, it's not unrelated...)
Okay, I absolutely, positively HAVE to stop reading these lists...
Wesley is a top three character, IMO. Maybe number one. His arch was definitely one of the best in the verse.
I have to agree with Tara's absence - the show never developed her properly until some pathetic beginnings in S-6.
Horrible list. Makes no sense. No Giles. No Tara. And I liked Dawn and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

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