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March 06 2014

In Your Eyes, written by Joss Whedon, to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival. Details at The Wrap. The festival's website has a pic from the movie.

I was beginning to think this would never see the light of day.
Finally! I bet it will get picked up and in a year or so we'll get to see it in small indie theaters!
It does seem odd that the Joss camp has been very silent about this project. I wonder if they had a falling out with the director... Well, I hope it's good.
When you're working on micro budget productions, post production is fun! Plus I like the fact I don't know much about this.
I've added a link to the first pic from the movie. And I'd rather we didn't speculate on personal matters.
So what ever happened with The Serving Girl? Was that movie ever actually filmed?
No. I don't know if it was ever even a ready-to-go project.
Whaaa! I was just wondering what happened with that movie the other day!
Yes! And April's not far away for those of us waiting to hear if it gets picked up.

I was thinking of this film when that heart-breaking moments list popped up here recently. Not that I know if his screenplay will include anything of the kind. After all, this is Joss. Maybe they'll end up together and live happily ever after into old age.
The website does not say what time the movie is showing.

EDIT: Just saw the pic, so I'd like to add: Gasp.

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I'm guessing it will get a distributor - since Lionsgate fared well with its last Joss Whedon indie, they may want another ...
Funny - I'd actually gone on a hunt for "In Your Eyes" info about a week or two ago and could not find diddly - was thinking something untoward was up. Glad to see it's on its way... I've really been looking forward to it - though obviously knowing as little as the rest of you.

Am I crazy, or is there no website for Bellwether Pictures? I can find a Wikipedia stub and some press mentions, mostly in connection with "Much Ado About Nothing" and a few about this film, but that's about it.

That seems odd to me.
Funny we were all thinking about it. I tweeted wondering about it back on January 27.
Looks like maybe I might be heading to NYC in April again this year... hmmm. :)
Like the photo. The Nicholas Sparks reference underneath the photo is alarming.
@b!x ...well, the dust on Much Ado has settled and Avengers 2 is still far away. Time for some more Jossy goodness :D
Tonya J: I took that statement to mean that this film is Joss Whedon's take on a Nicholas Sparks movie. I don't take it to mean it will be bad like a Nicholas Sparks movie (I just recently hate-watched Safe Haven, and OH MY GOD was that movie terrible. And a WTF twist at the end too. I was buried in a flurry of hate-tweets during that one. Ack).

So no, I can't imagine Joss making a movie like that. I'm assuming that this is probably him taking that type of premise, and making a good movie out of it.
Finally! Looking forward to it.
Hey Hey Hey, The Notebook was fantastic.
electricspacegirl, yeah, I'm finding it hard to say what I mean diplomatically here since, the Whedonesque rule book. Whichever way whomever meant that, I just can't get behind Joss being mentioned in the same sentence as that author. Plus I think Joss is more interested in takes on Shakespeare and Dickens (we need us some DICKENS Joss, or Joss Whedon's Pride and Prejudice [can you imagine!]) and original projects like IYE. To be fair, I will say that the film adaptation of Message in a Bottle is the only of the NS ilk I've seen, and it was half decent because of the presence of Kevin Costner, Paul Newman and Robin Wright. But romantic pulp is still, romantic pulp.
I am very much looking forward to full-on romantic Joss.
I feel a strange urge to watch it while holding a boombox above my head while outside Jewel Staite's window.
This is happy news! I've been wondering what was up with this movie, and hoping it wouldn't disappear into a post-production hell dimension forever.
Tonya J: I wouldn't prejudge it based on what little we know, and based on that one comment. I mean, you can if you want to, but I certainly give Joss a little bit more credit than that. Ok, I give him a lot of credit. His projects have never let me down. And Joss has always written romantic stories very well, IMO.

I just think we need a little bit more to go on before we decide that this is crap.
I don't think you're understanding me at all-I'm not judging Joss or this project. Anything he does will have quality and interest. I just think it's weird and uncomfortable that someone made the decision to invoke the name of that author in relation to this project. I would go see In Your Eyes, even if its name was The Notebook Deux, Sharpen Your Pencils.

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FWIW, the Sparks comment might in fact come from this interview with Zoe Kazan from just shy of a year ago.
I feel a strange urge to watch it while holding a boombox above my head while outside Jewel Staite's window.


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