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March 06 2014

(SPOILER) Cast information about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode 16. It's titled "The Beginning of the End." It was written by Paul Zbyszewski (who also wrote F.Z.Z.T.) and directed by Bobby Roth.

LOTS of returning characters in this one. Deathlok, Victoria Hand, Sitwell, Triplett, and Garrett. Looks like it'll be pretty intense.
No indication when it airs? 18 i guess not, with that whole special about Marvel.
Brad Dourif? Wow!
Hopefully the 25th. Getting news about upcoming episodes is at the very least promising that they might be airing soonish.
There may be one more repeat before this, then clear running to the end.
In the old days, when I was just a wee laddie, I would get Buffy seasons on TV one year late. I watched the season beginning to end uninterrupted on Monday nights. It was an amazing time. Now I am using more time reading about the episodes then actually watching them. Absurd.
Brad Dourif is great in everything.
PLEASE let Brad Dourif be the Clairvoyant. PLEASE.
I had to look up Brad Dourif and then I went "oooh!" He was the creepy possibly psychic convict in the "Beyond the Sea" episode of The X-Files.
Swanjun: He always tends to be the creepy guy. ;)
Brad Dourif was in Alien Resurrection; Wearing Dr. Horrible's labcoat before it was Dr. Horrible's.
He voiced in Dishonored? Cool.
Brad Dourif played all these roles, but you guys are forgetting what was his coolest character (to me, at least): he played Wormtongue in LOTR: The Two Towers!

So yeah, I agree with Chrisobrien he should totally be the Clairvoyant.
He was also Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings.

edit: OK, I was a bit late for this.

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Even more iconic: he is the voice (and in the first one he also played the psychopat before dying and putting his soul into the toy) of Chucky, from the Childs Play horror movie series. For an example of not creepy, he was also Doc Cochran in Deadwood.

He is one of the best character actors around. This is BIG news. Any show or film is better for having him on it.

It may date me, and only the first one is actually proper good, but... He is Chucky. I mean... Thats all. I guess.
I like Agents of SHIELD but "End of the Beginning" made me giggle.
Dourif can also be extremely sympathetic, so this should be cool.

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