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March 07 2014

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amy Adams, and Chris Hemsworth nominated for MTV Movie Awards. The awards air on April 13th.

Boo. Tom and Chris should've been up for BEST ON-SCREEN DUO.

Shirt's off for Chris ;p Joss knew it, so it must be the best.

Chris Vs. Robert? I'd vote Iron Man.
Boto It's MTV; what do you expect?

Very weird that the quote in the upper corner (for me, currently) is Tara's plaintive "Your shirt..."

The only movie I've seen recently is Smaug. So...Smaug for everything! Best villain, best hero (Seriously? These are categories?), best make-up, best special effects, best score (Howard Shore!!), best cameo by the director (Helluva lot easier to spot than in the first Hobbit movie), best interracial love interest, best use of Sylvester McCoy...
I was disappointed by Thor 2. It felt a bit pedestarian.
I liked Thor 2 well enough, I thought it sort of had charming gumption to have so many gags in their big climatic battle. Actually all the comedic beats were probably the best part of film which is a little strange for a film where the setting really lends itself to heightened drama.

...I sort of got a bit bummed out that the movie of the year category wasn't even more congruous though. Who's to say which did the best at what they were going for, between 12 Years a Slave, We're the Millers, The Way Way Back, Frozen, or The Counselor? (...Frankly I'm surprised The Counselor was on MTV's radar. Granted they also recognized Fruitvale Station while the Oscars and several other big organizations failed to.)

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