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March 08 2014

Geek & Sundry talks LGBT issues and Buffy comics. In anticipation of the release of Issue One of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Becca & Neil highlight the LGBT Slayers and Snake Lady Demons who have entered the Buffy-verse since the end of the TV series.

I like that they think the lesbian coven that magic sex drugged Willow into abandoning her friends is super progressive and cool.

Did we read different copies of Wonderland? Wonderland was great, but it was great because it didn't condemn LGBT stuff while still showing the abuse of faux-empowerment.

Also Brian Ching's art.
I agree that seeing Satsu again in season 10 would be awesome. Leah and Rowena are both working for Kennedy's Deepscan company... she should be too.

I wonder how long before people start saying "ligabit" instead of "el-gee-bee-tee."
AndrewCrosset: I've been "gilbitooq" for years . . . .

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