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March 07 2014

Korean actress Kim Soo Hyun to star in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. Soo Hyun mentioned her involvement on Twitter. It was confirmed by Walt Disney Company Korea. Her character was described by Marvel as "a substantial supporting role".

Personally, I would've preferred Kim So-yun (who was also rumored for the role), especially after having seen her in both action-oriented roles such as in "IRIS" or "Two Weeks", and in more drama-oriented roles, such as in "I Need Romance 3". But in the end, I trust these people to pick the right actress, no matter who my favorite is :p
Who's she gonna play???? Someone suggested Sersi in the comments. Can people start speculating now please? I have no idea myself.
Jocasta seemed to be the favourite on a Tumblr post I came across.
Thanks, Simon. I would've preferred Wasp, but I suppose that's not entirely realistic.
Because she's South Korean or something else? I ask cause Wasp was Asian-American in the Ultimate universe (which has heavily influenced the MCU).
I'd say it's unrealistic because packing any more heroes into this would be getting ridiculous.

My idle speculation is that she'll be a SHIELD agent or an associate of Tony's. Maybe a scientist.
I'm thinking she's going to play a SHIELD agent too. Specifically, Monica Chang, the head of SHIELD's artificial intelligence division. But that's just me.
I think I assumed that this actress would have a strong accent, which I don't really think would make sense for Jan. But maybe I'm wrong.
Assuming this is her, then her English is surprisingly really great. It's sort of like a very heightened petulant American and I also sort of expected a bit more of an accent.
(I assume this doesn't really reflect how she'd act in an action-adventure and her choices reflect light K-drama style?)

I have no idea who she could possibly be though, I mean they got some relatively recognizable actors involved for the Iron Man 3 Chinese segments which I got the impression didn't even make it to American blu-ray extras so international integration hasn't terribly been smooth for some of these blockbuster films dabbling in them.

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"I assume this doesn't really reflect how she'd act in an action-adventure and her choices reflect light K-drama style?"

It's almost over-acting even by K-drama standards, and that's saying something if you've watched K-drama.

With that said, watching actors in K-dramas vs serious Korean films, there's a huge difference in how they're acting, at least if they're any good at what they do.
She will reportedly be credited as Claudia Kim, because there is a famous male actor also called Kim Soo-hyun.

P.S. In Korean, the family name (Kim) is written first.

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