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"Jayne's a what?"
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March 07 2014

How the 'Buffy' cast keep in touch. SMG stopped by HuffPost Live to talk about her ongoing relationships with some BtVS castmates in a short video. It's all about the craft services.

The thought of David Boreanaz texting SMG about the good food is the cutest thing ever! I LOVE HER!
It always seemed like SMG might have had a more private, reserved or standoffish personality or at least the perception of that. It seems like her new twitter presence and media promotion of The Crazy Ones has given her a chance to express herself and connect to fans more. It seems like shes speaking out more and reflecting on Buffy a lot more recently which is nice. I could totally be misinterpreting things of course but either way its nice to hear from her.
It's easy to make assumptions about celebrities but the truth is we often really don't know what they're like in person. There's nothing wrong with being private. I know people IRL who are like that. I can imagine you'd want to be more private if you live your life in the public eye.

SMG has always been vocal about her appreciation of Buffy and feeling blessed to have played such an iconic role. She's always seemed sweet to fans.

When I saw the picture of SMG, Seth and Michelle on facebook I started longing for a Buffy reunion special. Please can that happen someday please?
That made me smile.

Who knows what's going with famous people -- but one thing I've learned here recently about actors from the Whedonverse cast. It's all about access to potties and apparently food.

Makes sense. Lunch is the obsession where i work too. ;-)
Its always been sort of obvious that these are the cast members Sarah is friends with but its nice to see her talk about it. I love that she goes to the Bones set just to steal their food. Hehe. Ever since she's been on twitter, I think she comes across as a very sweet person who doesn't miss an opportunity to credit Buffy. Its lovely.
I like little tidbits as to who's actively friends with whom.

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