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March 08 2014

Five compelling fictional women on tv. In honor of International Women's Day. Who's on your list?

All the women on The Good Wife -- Alicia Florrick, Diane Lockhart and Kalinda: they're strong, interesting, capable women who can be vulnerable one moment, and kicking butt the next. And it's finally coming back from hiatus tomorrow!
Sarah Manning from Orphan Black, (it is currently on air here, so I'm counting it!) And all the characters Maslany plays - every episode she just blows my mind!
Agent May, of course, still much a mystery.
And I just finished a re-watch of Veronica Mars. I love her so much!
Definitely agree on Leslie Knope.
I'd add Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy (older than the other shows on the list), but a seriously interesting character (the recent fight between Christina and Meredith regarding friendship, life decisions and work vs family priorities was justification enough to keep watching the show even when other parts fall off the rails).
I'm not yet sold on Agent May. I just feel like there are too many strong silent characters in the show at the moment, it hampers understanding any of them, though for sure there is improvement of late.
Sarah Lund and Birgitte Nyborg. Two of the best female characters in years.
Not a major character, but I always liked Olenna Tyrell from the books and absolutely love what Diana Rigg has done to bring her to the screen on Game of Thrones.
Leslie Knope is the best. I'd add to the list Veronica Mars, Lorelai Gilmore, and Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers. She's one of the most well-drawn (no pun intended) animated characters on TV right now.

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