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March 09 2014

It's Joss Whedon Week at Amazon. There's offers on Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse DVDs and Blu-rays.

The prices for the entire Buffy set ($64) and full Angel set ($57) are stoopid-good. I remember when I bought Buffy at $100 for a present and thought it was a big honkin' good deal. *tries to remember which of her friends doesn't have them*
Wish we had these deals on Amazon UK! I'm saving up to buy the old versions rather than the yucky 2011 redesigned packaging (yes, I'm fussy like that).
Too bad I don't need any of these.

Remember when we payed $40 for a season of Buffy and Angel when they were first released? I can't believe we were willing to do that. That's steep compared to today's prices, especially with all the sales that are available.
Just waiting for them to make the Buffy/Angel blu-rays. I'd pay very handsomely for those.
If they do, i wouldnt be surprised if the changed the OAR of all of them like they did with x-files to widescreen. At least there where there is source material that allows it. No happy Joss then.
$40 for a season? In the UK they were 70!
Whoa - that's nutso expensive.

I think I paid more like $50/season here in L.A. - Virgin & Tower Records, remember those? Each season so eagerly awaited...
I imagine that the original 4:3 AR would be preferred, since it is the way it was meant to be seen. However, I would insist that the clunky widescreen thing on Once More With Feeling, where there's a 16:9 video sitting inside of a 4:3-sized rectangle on the screen, be corrected. And also full HD video and uncompressed audio. God, I would love that.
I guess the main hold-up is that a lot of the old CGI would need to be, what, like, completely re-done? One day soon, I hope, people will be hired to do that.
I got into Buffy and Angel pretty late; around a year or two after they both went off the air. I got all of the Buffy DVDs for around 20 a season, sometimes less. I bought them all while still in secondary school so it was a bit pricey for me, but money well spent considering it's my favourite show and I got/get plenty of use out of them!

Angel DVDs were a bit pricier.
I was buying the DVDs as they were released,think they had gotten cheaper by season 7, DVDs were really expensive when they were new tech.
I'm so glad I already have all of them because otherwise I would go crazy since I wouldn't be able to afford them right now in spite of the great deals.

I do hope that one day they will see an opportunity to make a great Buffy & Angel HD-conversion for a Blu Ray release. Involve Joss to stick to 4:3 or have a mode that lets you choose.
Dont get me wrong, i actually do prefer 4:3. But... i dont trust them.
$140 per season in Australia at the time. Literally every dollar in my after-school job went to savings for those DVDs.
They were $50 or $60 when they were new releases but Amazon always had them on sale for $39.99. I used to think that was a great deal, but now if you wait for specials you can get them for $15 or $20.

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