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March 10 2014

Five movies and tv shows with brilliant clues in dialogue. Firefly and Buffy feature in this Cracked article.

Nothing new to most of us, I'd say but maybe this will persuade still more non-fans to understand how good the shows could be.
Please tell me that I'm not the only one that thinks the Sherlock example is really grasping at straws? Maybe it's just the way the article is written with things like OMG the guy who was planning on getting Sherlock to kill himself said Sherlock would kill himself after he talked to him and then 2 seasons later he did! I think the Sherlock lines are just ignoring the context of what is said. The other ones are cool, I just wish they used something other than Sherlock.
I agree, Judedeath. The other examples were fine, but the Sherlock ones, especially the one you mention, was ridiculous. The show's excellent and frequently littered with actual foreshadowing, so there's really no need to try to force examples that aren't there. :\

I enjoyed the rest of the stuff, though, good link.
I never noticed the Futurama one (not sure anyone would), but it again speaks to the genius of that show. I always considered it underrated. Some amazing writing that was oftentimes quite poignant as well.

The Firefly one pretty much everyone knows... well, everyone that's watched the series multiple times, which includes most of us. The article fails to mention that in the next episode, Ariel, Wash coincidentally finds a compression coil in the junkyard while searching for the ambulance.

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