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March 10 2014

The 15 greatest Buffy episodes that nobody talks about. A timely list seeing as the show premiered 17 years ago today.

Although I think a few of these episodes are talked about quite often, this is a really cool list.
Wow, that's a lot of mediocre episodes. But I like the list, anyway, because I thought I was the only Sunday fan in the world.

I do like some of the choices a whole lot, including the #1 pick and "I Only Have Eyes for You."
Personally I talk about a lot of these episodes a lot... because many of them are dang good.

They didn't even mention the awesome final moments of "I Only Have Eyes For You," which sets up so much.
Good list, but I wished they had included "Lovers Walk", a perfect episode, and a little underrated.
Excellent list.

I would've included "Pangs," "Harsh Light of Day" and "After Life." I particularly like the benson in the latter episode.
I wouldn't really consider most of these as really top notch episodes (not that I consider any of them bad or even mediocre), although I do absolutely agree about 'Family' and 'Conversations with Dead People'. 'Lies my Parents Told Me' is also one that I really like, but I wouldn't necessarily consider it as objectively 'good' as the others.
Wait, no one is talking about Conversations with Dead People? Maybe I've been talking to different people but that episode I've always heard about it being the best episode of season 7.

"I Only Have Eyes for You" is the episode I really like from season 2 but I always always forget it's name.

I can't really think of episodes to add or take away because I'm unsure what is being talked about.
Happy to see "LIfe Serial" here. I adore that one, and I know many people don't.

I would definitely not call "Conversations with Dead People" an episode that doesn't get talked about, though.
Several of these are in my top ten, and I talk about them. I hardly feel CWDP or LMPTM are little known, though - or at least, perhaps only to the folks who really feel the show went downhill after it moved channels.

Still, any reminder of the consistent awesome of the show is worthwhile.
Seventeen years ago? Holy bananas.

ETA: "Conversations With Dead People" won a Hugo. That's about as appreciated as it gets, I think.

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Completely agreed on Life Serial. One of my favorites of S6 & I think Sarah's work in the Magic Box scene is some of her best/funniest on the show.

Since I feel like CWDP is talked about quite often, I would replace it with "Him" (although nowhere near as high as CWDP is ranked here). I think it's hilarious (although slight) and has some of my favorite S7 moments.
I'd nominate "Normal Again" because of the way it broke down the third wall and made us all uncomfortable. It always seems to me that people cough nervously & shuffle their feet when talking about that ep.
A pretty decent list. My own would include Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, Lie to Me, The Harsh Light of Day, The I in Team, Real Me, and As You Were.
The best part of Life Serial is Giles giving Buffy the money at the end. It's such a mundane and domestic thing to do but really shows his fatherly concern love for her after all these years.

*wells up and puts on DVD*
I like the Death Star on the van and the argument about where 4:00 is.

*cracks up and puts on DVD* ;)
Yeah, I disagree with the comment about 'nobody talks about.' This list contains some of my most re-watched Buffy episodes.
Life Serial is near the top for me, and Conversations is at everyone's top.
I'm not sure there are any episodes of Buffy that don't get talked about. Mention any episode and there will be a dozen people explaining why it's under-rated and one of their favorite episodes, or at least what's really great about it despite everything else.
agreed barboo

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