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March 10 2014

7 characters who were saved by fans. No surprise a couple of Whedonverse favourites make the list.

Is 'Coulson was saved by the fans' the new 'the fans got Serenity made'? An attempt by a studio to spread a legend so the fans get more emotionally involved in a production because they are some how responsible for it happening?
Yeah I'd rather we didn't get the inaccurate credit for this one, considering [spoilers - please enjoy a pina colada UK].
I don't think they mean it as in the fans actually actively did anything to bring the characters back, other then love them a lot and be vocal about it. (So it could also be argued simply that the talent of the actor to make whatever character so compelling to want to keep watching should as be credited.) If I were someone running a show and I knew that a guest character connected as well as many of these on the list did I'd be an idiot to not keep them around if I could. Hence, fans "save" a character.

But as much as I like Cas on Supernatural, I'm kind of annoyed that Anna got shafted in order for his character to join the show on a semi regular basis.
#CoulsonLives !!! I still have the keychain.

@NAPinTA Well you know if Anna was in Cas' place she would've soon became Dean's love interest (heck look how little time it took them to Titanic-up the Impala). Actually prefer the plot they gave her.

I agree, of the three on that list I know, they are great actors and brought the character to life.

ps I hesitate to even mention it lest I cringe at my younger self, but wasn't Cole in Charmed brought back more than once?

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