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March 10 2014

Firefly and Nathan Fillion to appear in "The Real History of Science Fiction." The 4-part BBC America program begins April 19. The second episode on April 26 "discusses the appeal of the beaten up 'dirty space' of Dark Star and Firefly."

Dark Star and Firefly? That's.... a very odd pairing.

I can almost see it, and really, truly, seriously not. Dark Star is more low-budget than "dirty space," and while it is very funny, it's also loaded with ennui and nihilism, people doing a job without any sense of commitment or purpose. No rebelliousness or sense of family. Very un-Jossian.

Come to think of it, Dark Star is more like a Vogon construction fleet. Complete with Vogon poetry.
I'd pair Outland with Firefly. I actually like to see someone do a comparison between the two.
Outland as a space western, yes, I can see that. Wasn't it billed as "High Noon" in space?
That's Connery called it. Link
I've never heard of Dark Star before but I like that it talks about Firefly, Star Trek, Alien, and Ursula Le Guin all in the same episode.

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