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March 10 2014

Chris Hemsworth on Avengers 2 - "Bigger and more exciting and crazier". He said at Wizard World Sacremento that "Everything in Avengers is ramped up though. It kind of blew me away reading it."

Getting so close to the main cast filming in London, can't wait for spoilers to come out - don't want major ones just a few crumbs.
Did he say 2 months from now is when he starts filming? I was thinking it was far sooner than that.
As for spoilers, I already regret having read about the Paul Bettany casting, but I suppose that would have been impossible to avoid completely during the coming year and months.
Scarlett Johansson wasn't listed as an additional star of the movie. Hopefully that was a mistake and we're not already assuming her part has been majorly shrunk do to the pregnancy.
I handle this kind of speculation with care but here is an article relying on insider knowledge that Johanssons scenes will be fast-tracked.
I am relieved. I loved the way Joss handled her character so much, I would be heartbroken to have had her written out of the movie.

While on the subject of Avengers and Thor, I only just recently watched Thor (and Thor 2). At the end of Thor, he can't get back to Earth to see lady love Jane Porter because he's destroyed the bifrost bridge or whatever to keep Loki from genocide of the Frost Giants. Is it ever explained how Thor is then able to pop up on Earth just in time to join in the great Avengers slugfest?

Also noticing how much connection there's been between AoS and the Thorverse - we've had our people cleaning up after the second movie, we had the secretly Aesgardian professor and the staff of rage, now we've got Lady Sif about to appear, not to mention that Coulson was killed by an Aesgardian in the first place. This is making me think it's highly likely that that alien body that so freaked out Coulson is a Frost Giant, and that maybe the "it's all connected" business is connected mostly to Thor. We will see.
barboo, there was a quick line from Loki in Avengers about how Thor got to Earth. He basically just said that Odin must have gone to a massive effort to get enough energy to send Thor on a one way trip.
Ah, thanks JMB. Since I didn't know it was an issue at the time the line just slid by me.
If there's anyone who knows how to swap out a female stunt double for a star when the action gets going, it's Joss. And he didn't even have half the digital trickery on Buffy that he can use now. I'm sure Black Widow will have the same role in the film that Joss envisioned for her from the get-go.
Aside from Joss being a genius-he's had a lot more time to plan the movie he wants to shoot. That must be a good thing, right? Does anyone know if movie people say 'good luck' or 'break a leg?'

As Jason_M-Bryant said, there was a quick exchange between Loki & Thor:

Thor: Where is the Tesseract?
Loki: [laughs] I missed you too.
Thor: Do I look to be in a gaming mood?
Loki: Oh, you should thank me. With the Bifrost gone, how much dark energy did the Allfather have to muster to conjure you here, your precious Earth?
Re: Scarlett Johansson, ILM actually created a digital version of her (which was used for the short Hulk chase scene on the helicarrier) - it looked pretty lifelike to me!

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