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March 13 2004

How Tim Minear picked the Wonderfalls theme song. Billboard article about the origin of "I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls." For lyrics (and an interesting piece of trivia), go here.

Andy Partridge! Yay!
Oh yeah! Minear is da man!
I had assumed it was the Malcolm in the Middle guy that got Partridge involved, in keeping with the They Might Be Giants theme for that show but I was wrong, wrong wrong.

Really looking forward to some TM influence on the show starting after the pilot.
Out of curiousity, were the credits/theme song shown in the series premiere? Just wondering since I got neither in my area.
No credits or theme song in the premiere ... someone mentioned elsewhere that it's a common move to make more room for the storyline and character introductions (and commercials).

As wonderful as XTC (and Dukes of Stratosphere, their psychedelic alter ego) are, I should not be surprised that TM is into them, too. "English Settlement" is a masterpiece. Amazing to hear Andy Partridge on TV (or anywhere. He's got massive issues with performance, I understand). If anyone out there doesn't know this British band, I urge you to check them out. Incredibly hooky, brilliant lyrics, cynical and sweet. "Dear God", for instance. Does anybody here remember that song?

My love explodes for TM getting Andy this gig. We don't get nearly enough of either guy's creative output, and both connected to the same show? Awesome.

Edited to add part of the lyrics from "Dear God" which I now can't get out of my head, because they apply so perfectly to 'Angel' and maybe 'Wonderfalls'. I bet JW likes XTC, too:

Did you make disease,
and the diamond blue?
Did you make mankind
after we made you?
And the devil, too!

[ edited by Wiseblood on 2004-03-13 21:01 ]
I don't know any XTC songs, but I love Tricky's cover of "Dear God."

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