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March 12 2014

Joss Whedon directed one of the post-credits scenes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel's Kevin Feige confirmed this in an interview with Collider.

This makes a lot of sense, can't wait to see the film.
I saw the film last night and think the scenes should have been flipped (I thought the same of THOR 2's scenes for what it's worth). It's a bit strange that you get the big Marvel Universe setup scene a minute into the credits, then have to wait to the very end for the personal scene actually relating to THE WINTER SOLDIER.
Its actually pretty easy to guess who is in it, as the actor did give an interview in january about shooting something with Joss.

The Dark Shape, how was the scene? Not asking for spoilers, just if it was good. :)
How was the movie? No spoilers, please, obviously.
I am expecting good things from the new Cap considering Marvel is looking to lock up the Russos for a sequel, they must like what they see. And now I'm uber geeked to see it! Agree that these scenes might play better flipped, although they're clearly following the template that worked quite well for The Avengers. I suspect they're putting a teaser for upcoming films earlier just so they can get more eyeballs on it; I continue to be amazed at how few people remain in the theater all the way through the credits considering Marvel's reputation with this gimmick.
Darkness, who was the actor? I went through the January archives but didn't see it (or I missed it).
IŽll put the link up, mostly because i dont really know how to hide spoilers here, i always forget. But its not from whedonesque. I dont remember if it was reported here. While that particular news in the link is from march, the original german interview where i read it was from february, 24h. IŽll swear i had read somewhere that he had shot this in january, but as i cant find that info anywhere, i Žll just assume my memory is playing tricks with me. Still, 24 february was the interview posted, so it had been before that, a bit early for Joss shooting the avengers 2, so i guess (im avoiding spoilers, so i dot KNOW what the post credit scenes are, i got this bit of info by accident) it was for this.
I am excited for this movie; you always have to take the twitter first reactions with a grain of salt, but the reactions seem to be overwhelmingly positive. I was a little let down by Thor 2, but Capt. America 2 has looked amazing from the very first trailer.

All that AND a Joss-directed credit scene?

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