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March 12 2014

Agents of SHIELD ratings rise from last week. Last night's episode got a 2.1/7 in the 18-49 demo.

Nice to see an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. uprising. :P
Big deal to be up on the first week of DST when TV is always down a material percent especially in the 8pm hour. Also helped by NCIS being a repeat.
This is good news for a well done episode. Sif was well written, acted etc & the plot moved forward. Dialogue seemed to flow nicely too.

I'm finding myself pondering the events of AoS on other days of the week besides Tuesday. It's a good sign.
Adjusted up to 2.1, 6 million viewers. Too bad it's losing momentum again for two weeks.
1) Yes NCIS was a repeat and it got a startlingly low 1.3.
2) The Voice got a 3.4 and sucked all the air out of the room.
3) We got much better weather this week and with the time switch we are definitely looking at smaller audiences in total from here on out.
4) Losing next week won't hurt but nothing new on the 25th might.

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Is it confirmed its a repeat on the 25th?
Yes, Grack21. Next new episode in the US is 4/1 which starts 8 in a row through the season finale. Clark Gregg tweeted that today if you need further confirmation. :)
A small correction: There are only seven episodes left. Yes Men was 1.15.
You are absolutely right, JDL. I miscounted. Or I was trying to make it a 23 ep order. Wishful thinking and all. :)
2 more weeks off?! Gahhhh. If the next season has this terrible schedule it will be hard to make the commitment to watch live.
That's frustrating. If there are going to be gaps all the time, it's better to be clear about them before each gap starts.

I guess we need to make a IS THERE NEW SHIELD TUESDAY? page and set the default to "Nope. Coulson is busy reorganizing his suits. Try again next week."
The scheduling has been ridiculous and basically inexcusable.
I agree the schedule's been ridiculous, but I don't think the fault falls all on ABC's shoulders on this. Marvel's involved primarily in scheduling, and the show basically functions as a steady marketing device for the movies. Agents of SHIELD had to intersect with both Thor 2 and now Captain America 2, so the respective tie-in episodes HAD to follow the movies' release dates. Basically the long gaps were always planned since the beginning. Factor in the traditional December void and February's wasteland because of the Olympics, and here we are.

Next year, I think the show should start later in October and have two uninterrupted runs, 11 eps in the fall-winter and 11 in the spring. You cover promotion for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2 without breaking stride SO MUCH like this year.
This is how TV shows work. Do any run in a row without repeats (on network TV)? - Maybe Dancing With the Stars.
Sunfire, or how about "Nope. Fitz is petitioning for a monkey. Try again next week."

Perseo, I don't think networks are inclined to do that. CBS got the rights to air Thursday night football, and instead of starting Big Bang Theory later in the fall, CBS is moving the show to another night. The trouble with gaps is mostly that you run the risk of losing viewers. Whether you lose more viewers in the gap weeks vs. premiering a show later is not clear. Of course, it matters to the people who are watching week to week - but to the casual viewer who catches up online or on DVR, it likely doesn't matter that much.
I know that SHIELD got picked up for a full 22 episode season. However, I keep seeing places that only reference 17 episodes (like IMDB). Is that because there are only synopsis out up until that point or is it shorter than originally planned?
I'm enjoying the series but I'm finding that I'm enjoying shows with short compact seasons far more. I'd rather have a 13 episode season that runs weekly (save a major holiday or sports event).

Then the breaks are minimized and the stories focus on the arc, ie Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, etc.

More thunk: If AofS went to a shorter season say next Spring when big movies are released, would that perhaps -maybe-give Joss more time to participate in the fun?

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It's the former. I think this Live TV season is only so bad because of the Olympics, so season two will likely have more concrete breaks and a few more chances to build little runs in one go. Basically, we probably won't get four eps in three months again.
As a watcher of House of Cards, I would much prefer it if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was shot and produced, then all of the episodes released at the same time. Not so I could binge, but so that I could finish it without these "waiting games".
Actually, I'd be pleased if I could binge it. Fits my life better right now.
I like and hate binge watching. When it's something that's already been out for a while, it's not a big deal, but binge watching something new makes it much harder to discuss with people. You always have to ask "what episode are you on?" I realized that any House of Cards discussion I could have fizzled because none of my friends were on the same episode.

If SHIELD could have only 13 episodes next season, maybe they could devote a little more time to the visual and special effects and not have as much filler. Alex Kurtzman, one of the producers of Sleepy Hollow, has said that he prefers a 13-episode season because you can pace it more tightly and you don't get bogged down in filler episodes that only serve to bridge your important plot points.
Interesting perspective. American Idol got a 2.4 last night. That is how far broadcast TV has fallen. CSI is down to a 2.0.
While I've not been a fan of the various gap weeks, the Sochi Olympics was the cause of the biggest one (or one of the biggest), so Marvel and ABC could have either waited until now to start showing it or rushed production to get more episodes done and aired before stuff like Christmas holidays and the Olympics came along to muck up live airings of new episodes.

Still, my hopes for S2 not having quite as much stop-and-starting are large :D
It may be that we have come to a tipping point on scheduling. It seems to me that the US viewer has had it with all the reruns and gaps. Why it took 20 or so years since we went off the 26 episode scheme to come to a head is beyond me. But moving to more of an international distribution model may be what proves to be the final piece of the puzzle.
I would much prefer shorter tv seasons and predictable runs with fewer gaps. I really hope things are moving in that direction.

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