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March 12 2014

Adrian Pasdar to play Glenn Talbot on 'Agents of SHIELD'. He's finally made it to the Whedonverse.

Adrian played Jim Profit in David Greenwalt's 'Profit'. Joss said back in 2004:

Profit floored me when I saw it, and yes, we were definitely talking about having Jim Profit show up as a senior partner.

If I remember Josh Lucas played the character in the 2003 Hulk film.
I believe you are correct. Though the Ang Lee Hulk movie even if not technically considered part of Marvel Movieverse feels just like Buffy movie in relation to the Buffyverse, doesn't it. The events portrayed there mostly happened somehow, and even not counting it kind of does.
The 2003 Hulk film isn't a part of the MCU.The 2008 film rebooted it and gave the Hulk a new origin closer to the old TV series right off the bat.Also It's been a while since I've seen the 2003 film but I just checked and Talbot is killed in that film.

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Cool. I mainly know Adrian Pasdar from his role in Heroes and I always thought of him as one of the best actors on that show.

He's not an unknown name in Marvel context either, having done a lot of voicework in cartoons and video games (mainly Iron Man).
The actor who played him in 2003 was less than stellar in that role. Adrian Pasdar might bring some actual gravitas.
I watched Heroes for him. This is good news. :)
Neato. I love the Pasdar. He's really good in Chris Carter's new show pilot, The After, (free watchin' at Amazon), but I haven't heard yet whether it's being picked up for a regular series. If that doesn't work out it'll be nice to see him on AoS.
So happy to see Adrian Pasdar turn up on AoS. Really enjoy his work.
Hoooray! Profit was fantastic.

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