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March 12 2014

Happy Anniversary to Wonderfalls! The quirky series from creator, Bryan Fuller (as if there was only one) premiered on Fox 10 years ago today!

If anyone's interested, a fansite originally planned to be launched for the DVD release was finally finished today in honour of the anniversary:
A little part of me died when they pulled this show. Just very thankful we got the DVDs.
This show deserved a better fate. Tim Minear's Twitter username @cancelledagain would be funny if it didn't make me sad.
This show shoulda been huuuuuge.
Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside, Terriers... they all still hurt just by mentioning them. Even Drive I would have loved to watch more though I was not as much committed as to all the others (maybe due to its shortness of only six episodes).
And by proxy, Pushing Daisies, hmw. That just hurts to the core.
I've heard nothing but glowing praise for Terriers, and AFAICT there is literally no way for me to watch it legally. It's driving me nuts.
blackmarketbeagle, is it not on UK Netflix? It is on Netflix in the US. Also available on itunes and Amazon digital.
Nope, not on UK Netflix. It does seem to be on Amazon Instant Video, which I'm pretty sure it wasn't last time I checked.

So I suppose it becomes a question of whether my desire to see it outweighs my deep, deep loathing of full-price DRMed video. Probably not, but thanks for the tip.
OHMYGAHDTERRIERSISONNETFLIXTHANKYOUIRRATIONALITV. Sorry, that was a bit much in the caps department but my excitement justified it, wife and I have been talking about how much we wanted to revisit this fantastic show practically since the last episode aired. Beagle, make the moral/fiscal sacrifices and watch the season, it's really good, one of the better shows to occupy the periphery of the whedonverse. I wish I could say Wonderfalls and The Inside did it for me, but I tried both and they didn't. I would have given Drive more time if the network had.
Well, at least the cast has done pretty well. Caroline is on Hannibal, Lee Pace is an elf, Tyson was a regular on Being Erica (he stayed here in Canada) and there's that Staite girl...
Wonderfalls is my favourite of the Fuller shows and I was so happy when the R2 DVD finally came out last year so I could own a proper copy of it. The thing is as much as I would have loved more seasons I loved how it ended, it did a hell of a lot in 13 episodes and wrapped up a great character arc for Jaye.
Oh the irony. I just pulled out my DVDs a few days ago after finally catching up on Hannibal and listening to the Nerdist Writers Panel episode with Bryan Fuller from a few weeks ago. :D

So glad this show came at a time when it was slightly more likely for a canceled one-season show to get a DVD release than these days.
redeem147: Lee Pace is also Ronan the Accuser, the main villain in Guardians of the Galaxy. :)
Anuris: Such great news. I didn't know that.
Yeah, I think Lee Pace will do just fine. :)
Hmmm, never heard of Terriers, but if it's mentioned in the same breath as Firefly and Wonderfalls, I'll have to see it.

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