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March 13 2014

What Angel's first season did right. Den of Geek point out why we shouldn't dismiss the many achievements of Angel's first season.

I wasn't aware that there wasn't a lot of love for Angel season 1. I've always put it up there with season 2 as one of the better seasons, although season 5 in my opinion is easily the best season of all. Seasons 3 and 4 are the ones that I pretty much just skip over in any rewatch. The whole Connor/Cordelia story arcs nearly ruined the show for me. I'm guessing that had to have been true for a lot of other people, such that even the glorious season 5 wasn't able to rescue the show from cancellation.
I agree, Angel Seasons 1, 2, and 5 were always the highlights for me. Angel Season 1 really set the tone for the show, and I love it.
So glad to see mention of Phantom Dennis. I thought he was the perfect companion for Cordelia. If he'd stuck around, perhaps he could have saved her from that whole higher being/demon/child molester/coma patient arc.
Seasons 1, 2, and 5 are my favorite seasons of Angel as well. I tend to have to force myself to watch season 3 and 4.
I enjoy all of the seasons but 5 is definitely my favorite, and seasons 3 and 4 are patchy. The first half of season 3 I really enjoy (I love when Cordy tried to make Groo look like Angel-and she is so unaware that she is doing it!). The stories about Connor returning as an adult never really did it for me, and of course the Connor/Cordy thing in season 4 was very distubing.

I was excited that they bought Angelus back during season 4 (I may be in the minority) but I feel he really didn't seem that menacing - I thought they could have done more with Angelus, but season 4 also has some episodes that I really love to watch like the one with the totems where in the end the beast swallows the sun, and Habeas Corpus(where Wolfram and Hart becomes a zombieland), and the finale was great (and setup season 5).
Den of Geek seem to have a weekly article for the black now. Hmm. I can't complain.

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I'm currently re-watching Angel, and find that even though there are bits of the whole Cordy/Connor situation I REALLY dislike, there are bits that are so perfect I just can't skip them altogether. I will admit to listening to the show as I do other things around the house, not watching the screen and focusing the way I might for a less traumatic situation.

I just finished Orpheus, and am dreading the gruesomeness to come.

For me, though, the part that bugs the most is the way the writers painted themselves into a corner.

I just don't understand what they were thinking. Where was the story supposed to go from here, and WHY create this no-win situation? Yet another magic universal fake-memory? Really?

Torturing people, just to wipe away their memories and pretend that all is well? (Didn't we cover the wrongness of this in Tara's storyline on Buffy? Were we not paying attention?)

Beyond a certain point, that particular story element begins to feel like a crutch, not a genuinely earned next step in the characters journey.

Having said all that, parts of what's to come are some of my favorites in all the Buffyverse.
I'm glad that other people miss Phantom Dennis' nonappearances. He clearly had feelings for Cordelia and I thought it was heartless the way nobody said anything to him about why she wasn't coming back to the apartment, and she just disappeared.

Something else that disappeared from the early concept of the show was supposed to be the idea that Angel was constantly tempted to go back to drinking HUMAN blood. That there was something specifically so appealing about human blood that he had to constantly fight that temptation. Joss explains in one of the commentaries that the metaphor for the series that Angel is a man who is always one drink away from a fall. But they didn't really pursue that. There are bits and pieces. When they first meet, Doyle refers back to how recently Angel had drunk Buffy's blood and then tells Angel that if he doesn't have a mission one day he'll decide he's saved enough people that it's okay for him to take one, and that will be the slide. We see it in the long back story when someone is shot and since they're dying anyway he drinks their blood and that is what knocks him into the gutter. And we see it when he bites Kate to make it seem like he killed her, and broods afterward - but you have to know the metaphor, it's not really shown why biting her affects him.
Good article. I adore the first season and we only ever seem to hear about the weakest bits of it.
I am very surprised to learn that there are people who don't like Season 3. Sahjahn, Holtz, Justine, That Vision Thing, Carpe Noctem, Birthday, Waiting in the Wings, Sleep Tight -- what's not to like? And my God, the finale!
Season 2 is actually my favorite season of the series followed by season 4(I'm a oddity I know) but season 1 has probably my favorite three episodes of the whole series in them.Season 1 was more anthology like and I prefer big season long arcs which is one of the reasons I love seasos 2 and 4.

My least favorite season is actually season 3.

My rank would be from favorite to least favorite...

Season 2
Season 4
After the Fall(yes I include that on my list)
Season 1
Season 5
Season 3


I should mention that I was also a big fan of Angel & Faith in Buffy Season 9 but I haven't really thought where I would rank it.But it's up there maybe neck and neck with ATF.

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child molester

Wow, that's terribly uncool.
I liked all but Season 4. I thought Wesley's story is what made Season 3. Then Connor came back and the show started causing me to look impatiently at my wrist.
I've always found season one charming in its simplicity. The AI team felt, somehow, less together in the later seasons; they weren't a family.

I'll always prefer Buffy to Angel, because you never questioned how much the Scooby Gang cared about each other.
I love that first season. The show was generally great throughout its run, but I always missed that little agency with Cordelia and Doyle.

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