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March 13 2014

"Agents of SHIELD" hits a new high with "Yes Men". A particularly positive article by Brett White on Comic Book Resources about the recent Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode. Another article in a similar vein can be found at

This returns to the UK this week I think. Haven't decided if it's worth going back. Americans and downloaders, is it improved?
Improved? Yes. Still have the wobbly steps of Star Trek:The Next Generation Seasons 1-3? Yes. These are the days they'll be talking about....
I always liked the show. Always felt it was triyng to build itself slowly with a late time payoff (dont know if that was the plan, or looking for itself, but for me it worked). And that payoff is coming, wich will feel a big improvement on what was before even to those who did not like thearelier phase. So i think its worth going back, in my opinion.
@Andy: I've been a big fan of the show before, so when it got much better after the winter break it went from "good" to "holy mother of gods" for me (instead of from "meh" to "good"). I can't imagine anyone not being satisfied with and entertained by the show. I try to avoid the negativity on the internet (even here in episode discussions), because they ruin the experience for me. Why all the hate?

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It's perfectly valid to dislike the show. Andy's question is fine. There's a big difference between dislike and hate. I'd rather not see this thread devolve into rehashing the same old argument yet again.
Basically enjoying things, and finally actually getting in touch with this show on a real level since my TV here in the rehab center has closed-captions. Which doesn't help me place where I've seen Elena Satine before, because I just checked her credits on iMDB and none of it's anything I've seen!
DaddyCatALSO, I had a similar reaction to her and think it must be caused by how much she looks like Christina Hendricks in Firefly circa 2002.
I had a Glory flashback with her, especially when she was talking to biker dude and his wife. I think that she was just a really great villain. I hope we see her again.
hann23 - echo the Glory flashback!

On the topic of if the show improved...

I'm with those who loved the series from the start & pretty much liked every episode better than the one before. I'd say as well that the last several felt even greater than the first half season, but then I would argue that the build-up was necessary (then again, I found little flaws with the first half of the season myself anyway).

But while I sometimes get frustrated with the way certain people feel the need to vent their dislikes of the show through complaints, I could totally understand that the show's not for everyone and some criticisms are certainly very valid.

I would say: if episode 11 (The Magical Place) doesn't grab your interest and episode 13 (T.R.A.C.K.S.) doesn't wow you, the show's probably never going to be your thing. Especially ep 13: that one was for myself & all three people I watch the show with the moment where it went from 'really cool' to 'amazing'.
I personally thought Ms. Satine looked like she could be Amber Benson's sister, which would make for rather intriguing casting...Amber as Amora the Enchantress ;D

Other than the big plot hole of how Ward got ensnared by Lorelei, I think this was an excellent episode overall. Jamie Alexander was awesome as Lady Sif, Elena Satine played Lorelei's naivety about "Midgardian" customs with the right amount of humorous confusion, and finding out May's a mole or informant was definitely a good twist.
Yeah, Elena Satine does look somewhat like Amber Benson. Would be interesting to cast them as sisters. I'd buy it.
In light of the Angel S1 article posted earlier today, I have to say this ultimately is shaping up to be one of the strongest first seasons of a Whedon show we've had yet (and I say that knowing full well that this isn't the same as a pure Joss Whedon show in a variety of ways). Firefly obviously takes the crown, but given the various pressures on this franchise they are doing a great job of putting out fun populist comic book entertainment on a weekly basis, the mythology is building and if given some room by the studio to breathe they could go insanely cool with seasons 2 and 3 (and hopefully beyond).
Apparently Elena Satine looks like everyone because I first thought of Kari Wuhrer from "Sliders" and many B movies.
Myself, I kept wanting to think that I was watching Amy Acker in disguise (not so much in looks, but in body language.)
@HarryK - no hate. I just have too many children and too tiring a job to watch shows with which I am not connecting, so it's helpful to ask people of a similar taste (denoted here by the masthead) so I can make an informed decision.

@Sunfire - sorry for the derailment.

@Those who answered my query - many thanks. Sounds like I'll be sticking around for a bit longer.
I was thinking of Moriarty from Elementary. She's a shapeshifter!

I liked the previous week much better than this one, but it's better than it was at first. Still debating whether this will be the Whedon show I don't get on DVD.
Andy you didn't do anything wrong. It was people who might pile on you for asking a perfectly ok question I was warning.
For what it's worth, a dissenting opinion. Not to be contrary or to try to ruin anyone else's experience, but because it was asked, and my opinion is different.

I'm someone who really, really wants to love the show, and yet, from the beginning, I've felt it's been pretty dreadful. I still watch it, still hoping, and every time I think I might give it up and erase it from my DVR before watching, friends or other people with opinions I respect rave about it. I'm always disappointed though. I don't find it well written or acted, the overall plot is meandering and taking a long time to unfold (which wouldn't bother me if I felt engaged in the episodes rather than distracted by cliches, plot holes, and complete logic fails), and after this last episode, am particularly troubled by the way the writers treated one character's abusive situation -- so much so this might finally be the last episode I watch.

Again, these are my opinions and I don't voice them just to be contrary. This is why I stay out of episode threads. But you're probably not going to get a great selection of opinions here on Whedonesque -- most of the people who disliked the show either stopped watching or watched until they were won over. And I have no issue with anyone enjoying the show, so I'm not going to argue with anyone who does -- if you do, that's awesome, seriously.

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I have to echo Dizzy's points. I've tried really hard to like it. I'm still sticking with it just to see it through now, but I feel like it's playing too safely for younger audiences (yet they take an occasional baby step into adult themes). I don't know if it's a Disney/Marvel/ABC involvement that is causing it, but it just doesn't have the depth and the ability to relate to it that other shows have.

There isn't a single character I'm really attached to and the only semi-interesting characters (Mae and Coulson) have either convoluted or too one-dimensional backstories. Be it Buffy, Firefly, or Dollhouse-- they each managed to captivate me enough to continue watching in less episodes than have already aired for MAOS. I think the biggest hurdle is making these people with extraordinary talents seem relatable.

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