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March 15 2014

(SPOILER) Synopsis and credits for Agents of SHIELD 1.17 "Turn, Turn, Turn". This episode will air on the 8th of April.

I know it's stupid to point this out, given the name and the whole show, basically, but that's A LOT of agents in just one episode, holy crap.
I do hope we get to hear The Byrds, given the title.
Marvel's 'All The Agents of SHIELD'.
Have they skipped an episode? Where's the synopsis for episode 16?
Thanks Simon. Brad Dourif is in it, awesome!
With all those agents, plus written by Jed & Maurissa, PLUS it's the first episode after the new Captain America movie is out...seems like this'll be an important episode.
In other countries Captain America opens the 28 of march. Thats kinda gonna spoil the correlation if one doesnt wait...
Capt opens 26th March here in UK.
27 in germany. Its a bit all over the place. I think iŽll wait a coupleof days, just in case.
Wait, did you say Brad Dourif? Now, I'm hooked.
I would imagine that any Captain America "followup" would be heavily marketed as such, just as the Thor followup episode was. It'll probably be episode 19.
Looks like a definite tie-in with Cap.
Guess I will be residing in AoS/Cap2 Spoiler Free Zone til I see the movie. *shakes fist at unaccommodating hectic RL*
"Wait, did you say Brad Dourif? Now, I'm hooked."

He's in episode 16, I hope he has a substantial part.
I think, esecially given the timing, it is more likely (I hope) to hear a version by the man who wrote the music -- Pete Seeger. I'm partial to this one because it includes his wife's "extra" verses:

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