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March 16 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy and the Veronica Mars Kickstarter. She got asked about it in an interview about her work with Project Sunlight.

I love Sarah, but her reasoning on why not to do a Buffy movie (because longer form makes more sense, which is why the original movie didn't work?) is kind of silly.

And Veronica's main mysteries (at least in the first two seasons) took place over the entire year, and I would argue are even more serialized than Buffy ever started out being. Even during the "mysteries of the week," the bigger ones were always there.

Yet that didn't stop the movie from happening.

It's cool if Sarah never wants to do a Buffy movie, just give an honest answer and say that. Of course, she's probably worried about angering fans or some such, but...
just give an honest answer and say that.

That's just ridiculous. I don't know how many times she has been asked whether she wants to do a Buffy movie or not, and she has basically given almost the same answer: SHE DOES NOT WANT TO REPRISE THAT ROLE. Of course she didn't say it like that but you always knew what her opinion on a movie was.

Given the "quality" of the Buffy comics it's probably better to not do a movie. But that's just my opinion...
Nice little interview. And I think her reason for not wanting to do another movie is perfect.
But I also think that a Buffy movie wouldn't necessarily have to be about her per se. It could be a
coming of age movie about her daughter. Now that I would love to see.
She does somewhat encapsulate what the problem with a movie would be, at least in terms of making it feel anything like the show. That said, I don't buy it. I love TV, but since we've entered the "golden age" of it, writers and more recently press have gotten a little too into insinuating that you can't somehow arc something in 90 to 180 minutes.

Which I find odd since Hollywood seemed capable of doing it for years. Hell, Star Wars could have ended at the first movie and we would still have seen two good arcs in it.

There's a part of me that thinks when we refer to TV as a writers medium, maybe the thing that is now somewhat choking the film industry is it's romanticism with the auteur and Hollywood models. Every time a writer gets to sneak something in there with a competent director who doesn't want to hijack the picture, it's usually pretty good. I think Jason Reitman in Juno or Josh Trank of Chronicle fame.
It's cool if Sarah never wants to do a Buffy movie, just give an honest answer and say that.Of course, she's probably worried about angering fans or some such, but...

As a lot of actor's have found out it's best for an actor not to give a yes/no answer and it's usually nothing to do with fans .

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Ten years ago I would have donated like crazy to a kickstarter to get a Buffy movie. But she is probably right about one thing. Everyone is old now. None of them could play 20 s0mething anymore, not even 30 something.
But mostly I wouldn't donate now because my main interest was always the Buffy and Spike relationship and there is surely no chance of that anymore.
I have accepted there will never be a Buffy movie or spin off. It's done. Made my peace with it. Still I'm happy for the Veronica Mars' fans, those who have seen it have been extremely pleased.
I am one of those extremely pleased with the VM movie.
That's why, when I see that they can do justice to a heavy serialized show that ended 7 years ago, I'm jealous because all we have is a poor way (in my opinion) to continue the series in comic form (no age or budget problems... but clearly inferior to the show).

I'm happy the way Buffy ended, and I prefer it to stay that way. But, if they keep doing comics, then why not a good movie with a good story to tell? If Joss considers he has one, I'll support him.
I don't buy it. I love TV, but since we've entered the "golden age" of it, writers and more recently press have gotten a little too into insinuating that you can't somehow arc something in 90 to 180 minutes.

Very nicely said. I'm pretty much over the idea of either one being a better storytelling medium than the other. Just depends on the story you're telling.
@ Angel TheVampire

You nailed it, though Im not that harsh on the comics. But I hope Joss will at somepoint be open about a movie. Even if it means the end to the franchise, but I want a nice wrap up with all the actresses and actors of the two shows in live action.
The age doesn't matter except for those whose characters were immortal, and except for Mercedes (one of the youngest
), they are pretty much the oldest ones in the cast to boot.

All the humans are in their 30s except Charisma (and Liz), and Aly later this month, and both are still pulling off younger chaRacters right now. So if the others "can't pass for . . . 30 somethings anymore" they need to see a good endocrinologist. Any combination of the various casts could easily do a "10 years after" story if a decent one was available.

(I know I'm prejudiced here because my first serious attempt at a fic project involved the gang at 45 dealing with their own teenagers- in fact most of my work since then has been prequels to it-, but I think the logic is "universal enough," to coin aa phrase.
I'd watch a Buffy reunion movie.
The risk is always in whether you can recapture the magic and whether you have a story to tell, not just for the sake of just continuing what you miss. But I think if Andrew was involved I'd be totally on board.
I agree with SMG. Even with "Serenity," which I think is the best movie made from a TV show ever, the movie still didn't capture the charm of the series. Longform storytelling is intrinsically different from short form, and the problem is that the primary aim of a BtVS movie would be to please the fans, NOT make a great movie.

A good BtVS movie can be made. I believe that Joss can make one; he done the impossible before. But it wouldn't be a replacement for the show itself--like the comics continuation. It would be a variation on a theme.
I think the ship has sailed on a Buffy movie. That you would have many crucial characters that aren't supposed to age is an obstacle that isn't worth overcoming. That being said, it feels like it might be time for another foray into the Buffy/Angel universe with an entirely new cast of characters.
I'm helpless. I would totally watch every reunion thing possible - even the silliest imaginable. I can think of a lot of good ones though.

Btw fray-adjacent, I could very good imagine Fray going into series. Why didn't that happen already? Whaa, I have to stop now.
To be on topic: Sarah has made similar comments ever before. It may be some kind of fan reaction defense mechanism. Anyone remember that thing happened after Nathan Fillion made a comment about buying the franchise of Firefly. It might be wise to cook on a small flame regarding the reaction every comment might provoke sounding anything like a commitment. I also remember Sarah saying if a script for a buffy movie would really impress her she were on board immediately.
If Joss decides to revisit the Buffyverse, I'd much prefer a Fray movie, at this point. The existing comic series would lend itself very well to a film adaptation, and could either stand alone or be the first in a series.

I love Buffy a lot, but I'm happy with what we have. It feels complete. It went out with a bang, on its own terms, and tied up a number of its major themes and plot lines in a beautiful way--which makes it very different from shows like Veronica Mars and Firefly, both of which we lost far too early.

Now, if Joss had an idea for a Buffy movie that he was excited about, and the original cast was on board, I'd be in line to see it opening night. But I don't think that's likely, and I'm okay with that ... I mean, if some wish-granting genie gave me the choice between getting a Buffy movie and getting to see something new (like Goners or Wastelanders), I'd pick the new thing any day.
I think this ship has sailed. The age thing is now an argument. :( But I would like to see a Fray-movie as well. I think the material would be great as a movie.

I watched the Veronica Mars movie as well and I think it was pure fan-pleasuring and that is fine with me. :)
I don't think Joss really has the drive to do it either at this point since he has the comic continuation.One of the reasons he started the comic seasons was because he couldn't get the budget he felt he needed for those T.V. movies.He is busy with his Marvel work.I'm sure he has other projects he wants to do.And the comics probably scratch and satisfy any Buffy itches he gets.
I do not want a Buffy movie just for the sake of having a Buffy movie. If there is a story desperately in need of telling.... But Joss even brought it up when he answered the Firefly Kickstarter queries: if he went back to a well-loved old property and made something not-great, he'd feel pretty stupid.

But then, in general, I'm resistant to fan service. (Haven't seen the VM movie yet, either.)
There is never going to be a Buffy reunion movie. But I think they should do a charity special... one of those Children In Need type deals. Self-contained, Joss written and directed, not taking itself too seriously. It would be a one-off and for charity, so even SMG might agree to do it.

Despite what she says in the interview, I don't think she looks much different now than when she was on the show.
Not that it makes the prospect of any type of reunion more likely, but I'd like to add that aging of the actors may not need to be an issue. In the final Harry Potter feature they made Alan Rickman look like he was in his 20s. And that movie is a few years old now. I'm sure that they could take 5-10 years off of the faces of the immortal characters. And who cares how old the mortal characters look? They're supposed to age at a roughly normal rate, which I think the actors probably have.
By the way I still haven't finished watching Buffy or Angel. Not that I'm worried there'll be huge spoilers posted or anything. That's just something relatively relevant that I think distinguishes me from most of the rest of you.
I've always said that if the only real opposition to a Buffy movie is that Angel and Spike look a bit older, then there's no real opposition. There are endless ways to get around that.
Even if there weren't, are there really that many fans out there that would say no to a BtVS movie just because DB and JM have aged? I think it's something most people would be more than willing to overlook if it meant getting to watch their favourite characters on screen again. Neither of them particularly looked like 'spring chickens' in AtS S5 either but people weren't calling for a cancellation.
Exactly. If (heaven forbid) Nick Brendon were to lose his right eye (aka the opposite to the one Xander lost), I hardly think there would be people turning down a Buffy movie on the basis that they'd have to come up with some reason to get around it.
Age is a lot more than mere physical appearance. In this case I don't think that SMG feels she can do the action part of the role
any more. And iirc one of the things she brought up when she said S7 was it was that she was wearing out. 10 years and two
babies will not have made that better.
I don't buy this age issue at all. Why are we concerned with characters ageing? Sometimes, that's what makes them all the more interesting. See STAR TREK. We witness the bold dashing young Captain age into a middle aged man facing mortality for the first time. STAR TREK II is the best movie of the bunch because the audience remembers young Kirk, and it makes it more affecting when we see him face to face with his son.

We care too much about youth. It would be interesting to see what a Slayer in her mid thirties is like. A Slayer permitted the luxury of adulthood being pulled back in. How would she react? Would she be more cautious because she knows more?

That said, I have no real interest in a Buffy movie. I am just bracing myself for the reboot which, and I promise you this, will happen.
James and David have said repeatedly they would only do a movie if it was within ten years after season 5 of Angel because of the 'Age' issue. James because vampires aren't supposed to age, and David because of his previous knee injury.

For me, I don't care about the medium (television or movies (animated or live), comics, books, web-isodes...etc), I just want to immerse myself in a well-written story. I would be happy with an animated movie with the original cast as voice actors if the story is solid. DC has made many great quality animated films.

I for one think it would be interesting to watch a movie with Buffy being in her 30s-40s. I just don't think the original cast will come together to do it. HIMYM is on their last season, but I doubt SMG will be free with having The Crazy Ones now. That's the crutch, I don't want a reboot, but an original story with Sarah, Nick, Aly, Michelle, Eliza, James and Anthony. I've always wished for an epic Buffy-Angel crossover movie, where the Scooby gang teams up with A.I. team to save the world.

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Andy Dufresne, that's a really interesting idea. Buffy's probably the oldest slayer ever. There has to be a great story in that somewhere.
Joss could make a Buffy film work, though it would feel more like a one-shot or, in some ways, a love letter to the fans. I'd be interested in seeing what Buffy's up to in her mid-30s.

My only reservation about a Buffy film is having ALL THE COMICS brought into the equation. Then it'd be a bit much.
I don't buy this age issue at all. Why are we concerned with characters ageing?

It's only because the vampires are meant to be eternally youthful. You could of course come up with a hand-wavey explanation (after Some Mysterious Mystical Event all the immortal creatures started to age...which could then be a motor for the plot, I guess--this seems like a Good Thing [evil mystical creatures will all die off] but for Reasons, Buffy has to put a stop to it). You'd have to trash the comic continuity to tell that story, though (not that I'd care, even though I read the comics, but there'd be conniptions in a certain section of the fandom, and the film would only work financially if the fandom was on board).

I'd love to see a Buffy-at-40 movie, actually. Probably best to tell it without either Angel or Spike (they're off somewhere doing something else--or they're dead in some traumatic backstory thing). But I'd like it best if it were tonally very different from the TV series and not simply an attempt to put lightning back in the bottle. That won't ever happen, of course, because the only way a movie would happen is if it were fan service.
I think it would be great to just have a solid 10 minutes of Angel and Wesley dancing. Continuity be damned.
...and the film would only work financially if the fandom was on board
I couldn't see how the Whedon fandom would not be on board if Joss was the mastermind behind this. We are a hell of a fandom.

the only way a movie would happen is if it were fan service
I disagree for the same reason. We are the fandom that doesn't expect to get what they want but to get what they need.
(And of course being a part of the Whedon fandom means that this is exactly what we want. I hate the postmodernism for a lot of things but this just sounds postmodern: We don't need what we want. We want what we don't want ...which is what we need.)
All I'm saying the only way I can think of a Buffy movie would really disappoint me was if it was pure fan service. I believe Joss knows that.
I like the fan-service short vid to raise money for charity idea.

Cause, realistically... I think that it's better for Joss to make new things. Going back to BtVS is putting limitations on his imagination that don't have to be there. So, the only reason to do it would be for the fans. And, while that's not necessarily a bad reason to do things (I LOVED the VMars movie), I think that trying to do the fan service while simultaneously trying to tell a real story would be doomed to failure.

The thing about VMars is that the story WASN'T finished. The show got canceled before the writers were ready for it and they hadn't finished Veronica's character arc. Whereas... Buffy came to a beautiful ending. Hell, two beautiful endings. I think that's honestly why the comics never really did it for me, beyond the issues I have with that medium. The story's been told. Time to move on.

That said, I would be interested in a 'Buffy and her daughter' movie or in 10-20 years with Willow and Xander, maybe Giles. No one else. Totally different, new story.
Ok let Joss move on. He might sell the franchise for an enourmous amount to Disney and JJ Abrams could do a relaunch. Just being silly.

I just would love to see Joss and SMG work together again. That being said I can't await The Avengers II. And where the hell is that long-due Dr. Horrible Sequel? Is the Serenity still flying? Could someone give Nathan some money eventually. When is Ripper happening? And so on... and so on...
There is simply not enough Joss around here!
Fray movie! A lot of fans are on board for that. I keep asking about that. It's one of my greatest geek dreams.
Fray movie? Yes, please. Also, there's a new article up at the AV Club about the VM movie and fans rallying to save or revive favorite shows, with much conversation about Firefly/Serenity and Buffy in the comments.

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