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March 16 2014

Orphan Black's Jordan Gavaris talks Felix, fake accents, and Buffy. Gavaris chats briefly about his love of Buffy while promoting the new season of Orphan Black.

"I'm a bit of a geek and I really like Buffy. You were there at the Nerd HQ party when I was falling all over Joss Whedon. To hear Amy Acker, Emma Caulfield and Alyson Hannigan are watching and tweeting about it - that is quite a coup."

Love, love, love Orphan Black. 2013 was a banner year for new TV and Orphan Black was a big reason why.
I'll have to try and give this another shot... Although I wasn't sure if "best fake accent on TV" was a joke before I read this.

I had to stop watching the show because of the terrible British accents and I know a lot of people who really do love the show have told me "it's great! Just try and ignore the bad accents and you'll love it."
Really like Orphan Black as a show and Tatiana Maslany is one hell of a great actress which more than helps make the show what it is. Gavaris' accent is good but it does slip occasionally. Not that I'm complaining really, he does a great job! And James Marsters never did quite manage to say "can't" in an English accent, afterall. Didn't stop me loving his acting and character....

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Jordon recently won the Best Supporting Actor in a TV series at the Canadian Screen Awards. He seems like a really nice guy, too.
Great show and I love seeing a connection here.
Good to know he likes Buffy. I didn't know those actors have tweeted about Orphan Black. I love it when different shows collide like that.

I was shocked when I found out he wasn't English. His accent sounds pretty consistent to me, although it's a bit stage-cockney. Tatiana Maslany's English accent starts off shakily, but she improves fast and by the fourth episode I can easily believe she's from South London.

Spike's accent never bothered me. It's just how he talks.
Orphan Black was my favorite new show of 2013. Love seeing it show up here on Whedonesque. And I was shocked to learn that Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris weren't actually from South London, so I guess I found their accents to be pretty darn convincing. I also love how Tatiana does two distinctly different English accents for Sarah and Rachel.

I had no idea those Whedonverse actresses were fans of the show. Would be awesome if any of them could guest star in Season 3. I know Patrick J. Adams from Suits was a vocal fan who got a guest spot, so stranger things have happened!
Wait, what? Rachel from Orphan Black is supposed to be English? The accents on that show are all over the place. I had no idea Katya was supposed to be German either until the show stated it specifically. Good show though, dodgy accents aside.
Well... both Felix and Sarah have been in Canada for a while so their accents might be slipping just because they're losing them. ;)
Love Orphan Black. Patton Oswald has also tweeted his love for the show. He marathon'd it a while back and went nuts for the show.
Also loved the Orphan Black Nerd HQ at SDCC last year. Jordan came across as an adorable guy. Including his love of Taylor Swift.) Somehow it doesn't surprise me he'd love Buffy.
I actually thought the male characters were incredibly weak at the start of the show, the writers didn't do a good job with them. But I grew to like Vic and Felix by the end, they had fleshed out and been give three-dimensional personalities.

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