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March 18 2014

(SPOILER) James Marsters on his new Spike Graphic Novel. James Marsters speaks about the stories he would like to tell in his new role as graphic novel author.

Includes a 5 page preview of the novel.

I like the artwork.Planning to check this out when it's released.
If I have to guess the timeline, given S-9 began a few months after N"FA," and After the Fall took no real time at all due to the reset, presumably it's in that window.
This is supposed to be set during season 7.
Could be fun. Curious as to when during Season 7 this could take place. I assume it has to be sometime after Spike stops being totally crazy? And I have never heard of Deathcry. I thought he was making it up until I googled it!

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The art looks pretty! (The writing so far... the less said about it, the better. :P)
Yeah, the art is nice (if a bit generic), but the dialogue seems fairly bland so far and the plot description is not grabbing me.

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